Amazing Tips for Backpacking in New Zealand

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Amazing Tips for Backpacking in New Zealand

Backpacking is a big culture in New Zealand.New Zealand is a superb destination for backpackers to explore. In each and every city, you'll see lots of backpackers hostels that offer cheap accommodation.

In New Zealand, camping is incredibly popular so New Zealand is suitable to any traveller who wants to make the most out of their money. Backpacking on a tight budget couldn’t be easier. New Zealand’s main draw-card – its stunning and various landscape – is free for everybody. Rent a car or campervan and explore glaciers, rainforests, golden-sand beaches, magical fiords and buzzing cities for that road trip of a lifetime. Jump on a backpacker bus tour, stop on the way to discover local art galleries, obtain a bargain lunch at a farmers’ market and remain in cheap hostels and camping grounds. Hike the truly amazing Walks, experience wildlife encounters and find out about Maori culture on a budget – New Zealand has lots of cheap options.

Backpacking in New Zealand

Backpacking in New Zealand

Backpacking New Zealand is easy
Being so compact it’s simple to get around and you’ll find that you will meet people of all the nationality of the world as everyone has a tendency to meet up in the same cities and towns as they travel the country.

New Zealand Backpacking Destinations
New Zealand is filled with amazing natural landscapes. We’re able to make an endless list of gorgeous locations for you personally, but here are just a few of the highlights:

On Cape Reinga there is a broad and seemingly endless 90 Mile Beach, which you’ll even drive on with your vehicle.
The Coromandel Peninsula is a beloved holiday place to go for New Zealanders. Here, you will find mystical rainforests, untouched pristine beaches, and hidden areas for example Cathedral Cove.
In Raglan you can give surfing a go – great waves, pretty beaches, as well as an alternative lifestyle make this a well known place to stop.
If you are drawn in to the fascinating Tongariro National Park, a good option to start is Taupo. From here, you are able to head for Tongariro Crossing, a real adventure!
The must-see list includes Abel Tasman National Park with its incredible sports opportunities, glacier-hiking, and Fiordland.
To be able to plan your work and travel in New Zealand, we and our partner organisation on location are pleased to help you further.

There are numerous ways to make your money go further with regards to finding things to do. Walking is a superb way to discover the country without having to spend money and a great way to wake up close with New Zealand’s wildlife. Hiking within the back country is a Kiwi tradition – the Department of Conservation keeps a network of tracks, low-cost huts and camping areas to assist locals and visitors experience New Zealand’s unique landscape. Or a good a wine cycling tour? Choose a swim at New Zealand’s golden-sand beaches, try snorkelling or enroll in a kayaking expedition. In NZ’s cities and smaller towns many museums and galleries might be visited free of charge. But don’t forget that unforgettable experiences like whale watching, bungy jumping or white-water rafting count every cent! Find and employ discount cards for great deals on these along with other activities.

Eating & drinking
New Zealand backpackers don’t need to go hungry. Along the road you’ll find numerous farmers’ markets where one can buy cheap fresh food and local delicacies. Maintain stocks of staples in city supermarkets to prevent higher prices in remote areas, and cook on your own in your campervan or shared hostel kitchen. Should you can’t be bothered cooking, ask the locals to find the best fish ‘n‘ chip shop – there’s one around almost every corner. In New Zealand’s wine regions you are able to sample your way through local wines free of charge or for just a few dollars. And don’t forget that backpacking is all about the street. A stunning scenic picnic spot is likely to transform a simple cup of tea along with a ham-and-cheese sandwich into a five-star meal! But do conserve your funds for those special Kiwi treats just like a great wine or meal in a waterfront restaurant.

Top quality, cheap accommodation options are scattered throughout New Zealand. From backpacker hostels with dormitories and private rooms to camping grounds, filled with cabins, there is a terrific selection of budget accommodation and you can book sleep right here.

Getting Around

Transport is really as flexible as you like. Roads in New Zealand are very well maintained; it’s hard to get lost, visitors are minimal and you can stop virtually anywhere you like along the way. So travelling by campervan or car rental is a great option.

Campervans are a cost-effective choice for groups of people travelling together. A lot of people want to pick up a hire vehicle within the North Island and drop them back in the South Island, or the other way around, that rental companies offer excellent ‘relocation rates,’ generally from south to north.

If you wish to hop on a plane, New Zealand has a comprehensive domestic flight service. Domestic airline travel is affordable and booking online causes it to be even cheaper, and simpler too. An excellent website for getting the cheapest deals during the day from all airlines is Seeya.

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