Top 10 Backpacking Tips in the Philippines

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Top 10 Backpacking Tips in the Philippines

If you do want to go to genuinely uncharted territory, then why don’t you go backpacking Philippines. With 7107 islands, the Philippines offers truly ‘off the beaten track’ backpacking potential. The very best pristine white sand beaches, uncommon animals, fruits, beautiful women, hospitable locals, varying cultures in numerous regions, lagoons, mountains, rivers, surf spots, you name something that has to do with adventure and also the Philippines definitely has it. First and foremost, it has in store because of its visitors mysteries and wonders which are unique to any country in the world.

The Philippines is among the most ideal destinations for backpack traveling (also referred to as backpacking) because of the affordability and also the ease in which you can get around without having to spend too much money. So, for you personally backpackers out there who’re planning to schedule a visit to this island of smiles.

Listed here are ten essential tips that needs to be helpful:

  • Open the mind and explore

Deviate in the usual tour packages that provide a set of fixed locations to go to. Aside from the inconvenience of adapting to an entire tour group’s schedule, you aren’t experiencing much; it’s much like being led around inside a museum exhibit. Attempt to explore and walk out and about, chat with locals, find out about the culture and what’s special for the reason that locality. They usually know best.

  • Always bring cash

There are specific areas in the Philippines that also lag behind places such as the capital (Manila) and its neighboring regions. During these remote provinces and islands, it’s a genuine challenge and sometimes headaches to look for ATMs, since many of them have none. Withdraw enough cash for the trip and have them exchanged within the city, if you can. Otherwise you’ll wind up having your money exchanged for any whole lot more, particularly if foreign exchange centers are rare within an area.

  • Book ahead of time

The tourism industry within this country is one of the major industries that keeps the nation afloat, because of its beautiful island beaches and different hospitality that hotels offer. You should book your flights (if you are planning to fly domestic) and accommodations ahead of time, especially if it’s Peak and Super Peak (yes, there’s such a thing) seasons. High season is normally around summertime (March to May), while Super Peak seasons are during national holidays (Christmas season, holy week, labor day weekend).

  • Explore the food options

Aside from dining in fancy restaurants within the malls and in hotels, explore the locality by which you’re in and try the authentic Filipino food available on the streets as well as in little eateries. Street foods for example fish balls (the vendors roam around cooking fish balls in carts sell 10 bits of this delicious snack as low as 5 pesos), banana-que (sugared banana on the stick), banana fritter (sugared banana cooked in the wanton wrapper) and is aw (chicken’s intestines) are some of the locals’ favorites.

  • Always give tips

Unlike some Western countries, bills at bars and restaurants don’t usually include strategies for the servers. It’s a typical courtesy to leave some money behind after you pay your bill. Tips will also be given to cab drivers, normally in case your change isn’t that big (for instance, paying 80 pesos for any 70-peso cab ride and letting the motive force keep the change). Believe that it might be a little too much? It’s a known proven fact that almost everybody in the country is underpaid, anyway. Share a bit of your blessings.

  • Always bring insect repellant

Specially in the provinces where mosquitoes tend to be more abundant, lathering a generous quantity of insect repellant or lotion on the skin regularly is a must. Mosquitoes are usually harmless and only leave a frustrating itch on the surface of the epidermis, but one must take precaution particularly in areas where dengue and malaria are rampant. Even better, get a malaria vaccine before venturing in to the outer, more remote provinces.

  • Don’t hesitate to inquire about help

Filipinos are known all over the world for their unparalleled hospitality. Should you find yourself lost or perhaps in need for directions, don’t hesitate to inquire about the locals for help, simply because they will sure do the things they can to help you get where you’re going.

  • Dress Down

The Philippines is situated just above the equator, that makes it very humid, especially throughout the day. Rainy or dry season, it’s humid all year round. It’s better to wear breathable clothes for example cotton shirts and tank tops and shorts so prevent yourself from sweating an excessive amount of. Bring an extra change of garments in your bag, if you’re able to.

  • Respect the culture

Filipinos are big on respect. It’s a part of their culture to exhibit respect to their elders, visitors and basically everyone around them. Should you haven’t taken the time to see how hospitable and sort the Filipino people could be, a warm and sincere smile ought to be enough to help you easily fit in in this rich and various culture.

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