Explore the Machu Picchu Hiking Tours

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Explore the Machu Picchu Hiking Tours

Machu Picchu hiking tours provide breathtaking scenery. Few other hikes offer this type of range, from high sierra to tropical jungle.

Forgotten by the wider world for hundreds of years, the ruined Inca capital of Machu Picchu combines the allure of the lost civilization with the gorgeous scenery from the Andean highlands. For the adventurous spirit, the time-tested method to visit Machu Picchu has been up the ancient paths from the Inca Trail. A number of tour operators within the Peruvian city of Cusco offer hiking tours to Machu Pichu, most of which tack on the Inca Trail included in a larger trek, and all with camping or any other accommodations included.

Machu Picchu Hiking

When it comes to Machu Picchu hikes, you’ve two main decisions to create: the length of the hike and also the size of the tour.Some travelers can’t stand the idea of joining a big tour group and prefer to pay extra money to hire their very own hiking guide. Others, especially solo travelers, like the thought of joining other fellow adventure enthusiasts for any hike. The second decision may be the length. While it may be romantic to follow along with in the footsteps of the Incas across the Inca Trail connecting Cusco and Machu Picchu, its not all traveler will have the level of fitness and desire to make five days of hiking including camping an advisable adventure.

Machu Picchu hiking tours provide breathtaking scenery. Few other hikes offer this type of range, from high sierra to tropical jungle. The good thing about these extended hiking tours-other compared to scenery-is that everything is included in one price. Your tour includes meals, camping gear, tents, as well as your guide.

The Inca Trail & Machu Picchu (4 days, 3 nights)

While several trails connect with Machu Picchu, at present the two most widely known are the ones used as tourist circuits, property called Inca Trail and also the sacred trail, the former is definitely an original Inca Trail route of approximately 40 km. Which extends over high mountains and brethtaking landscapes,passing through differnt ecological levels with abundant flora and fauna. The trail shows original cobble stone stretches it requires four days to traverse this trail.

The path begins at km. 82 of railway line in the town of Pisqakucho, after crossing a contemporary suspension bridge over the Vilcanota river, it passes the little communities Wayllabamba, Warmiwañuska pass at 4200 msnm (13,780 feet) came from here it descends to Pakaymayu, then ascends to mountain pass of exactly the same name, descends again until Sayaqmarka, Phuyupatamarka and Wiñaywayna. It along a set paht and then goes some fifty  steps that cause Intipunku. From here it leads finally towards the inca city of Machu Picchu.

Short Inca Trail A couple of days

A different way of visiting Machupicchu, the Inca trail combines an average hike of two days having a visit to the most important archeological complex throughout South America. On the first day, the tour starts with a hike through the midst of ancient Incan remains and natural landscapes, which enters through the Sun portal and proceeds to the lost city of Machupicchu. At night, one has the opportunity to relax within the hot springs of the nearby town of Aguas Calientes. The following day is dedicated to visiting the best sites from the archeological sanctuary and marveling in the vistas and panoramic views the site offers. The routes and camping sites happen to be groomed in such a way as to facilitate access and safety while additionally offering much to savor in the way of a unique environment. To be able to best prepare for the hiking tour, it´s better to take two days of acclimatization within the surroundings of Cuzco so that we can offer all the facilities and comforts essential to enjoy the route to its fullest.

Hiking Salkantay to Machupicchu 5d/4n

This route is among the most complete that the mountain range Vilcabamba provides, as well as one of the most beautiful. One goes by the snowy-mountain peak of Salkantay, with camping near to the Andean lakes and a final descent that involves a dense tropical jungle. The trek leads to Machupicchu. During the hike one can benefit from the local flora and fauna typical towards the Andean jungle zone, that also offers thermal lakes and remote valleys.

Trekking Lares to Machupicchu 4D/3N

This trip Combine the very best of the Lares Valley and the fascinating Inca archeological remains of Ancasmarca, choquecancha, Ollantaytambo and Machu Picchu. Our first stop is Lares village, there, we are able to enjoy the hot springs before begin our four-day trek with the mountains. Each day is reasonably paced with sufficient time to enjoy the wonderful scenery, appreciating the life span of the Andean farmers. On the fourth day we get to the legendary Inca town of Ollantaytambo, Next, we’ll take the short train ride towards the Machu Picchu inca citadel, one of the worlds most beautiful and important archeological remains.

Hiking Ausangate 8D and 7N

The Ausangate is easily the most representative mountain of Andes. It’s located to 6,372 meters height. Turquoises lagoons, extensive plains and stone forest, turn totally towards the zone an isolated lunar paradise. Just to walk by the landscapes of the Ausangate is definitely an indescriptible adventure, in which it is impossible to not be astonished before the beauty in the dusks and eternal snows. He is frequent also to be with rock needles that rise to a lot more than five thousand meters of height with ice tongues that fall of vertiginous way and form glacial lagoons.

Inka Jungle Biking Hiking & Rafting to Machupicchu 4d/3n

This can be a new Combination, between a Down Hill Mtb Tour a Jungle Trekking and Rafting to Machu Picchu,it’s the most original and exclusive inca trail this tour is a new and alternative route that people offer if you are advetures people include us to enjoy the nature. Because the Inca Trail was reduced towards the number of visitors we been instructed to open new tours to Machu Picchu that now are available. If you are searching for an alternative trip this is actually the one. Inca Jungle is a mixture of biking, trekking and rafting with the impressive Peruvian Andean mountains to the Amazonian rainforest. This trip ends having a guided tour to Machu Picchu on the 4th day.

Because the popularity of Machu Picchu has increased among international travelers, the amount of tour groups have grown significantly. This really is good news for travelers who are able to compare prices about Machu Picchu hiking tours and discover the best fit for them. Whether your hike begins in Cusco, Aguas Calientes, or only features a walk around the archaeological site, you may benefit from the knowledge of a guide who are able to illuminate a great deal about this sacred Incan city. You should be prepared for all hikes using the right equipment. Don’t bring a brand new pair of hiking boots-these are often the origin of blisters and discomfort. Having a water bottle, sunscreen, and bug spray there is little distract you from enjoying the amazing views of Machu Picchu.

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