Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

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Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Grand Canyon in Arizona is a ultimate and unforgettable adventurous experience of life time through hiking, camping, climbing holiday discovering more about natural sights.

The Grand Canyon is very a profound spectacle. In excess of 277 miles long few if any individuals have seen everything. Most people see the Grand Canyon National Park in the South Rim and begin at Mather Point. The primary Visitors Center may be worth a look and it is just about 100 yards from Mather Point.

Adventure Vacation to Grand Canyon National Park

If you’re planning for an adventure vacation then your right place where one can go reaches the Grand Canyon National Park. It’s the most stunning place and you’ll discover several mountains and peaks who are around you. Millions of people come here to determine this park each year.

Grand Canyon National Park is around 1,218,375 acres area lying on Colorado Plateau within the north-west of Arizona, USA. You will find north and south rim after that you can see this spectacular view. Most of them check this out natural beauty using their car in the south rim. Within this rim you can observe the villages, desert and hermits that are a path to access the Grand Canyon National Park.

This park is open all of the year numerous national as well as international tourists arrived at visit it. Very less number of individuals watches this website from the North Rim. This rim lies over the south rim just 10 miles. It’s very difficult to access its northern border rim since it is much higher compared to south rim. In the winter months season you can’t travel to the north rim in Grand Canyon National Park so it covers using the snow. When you reach at the very top you can see many steep, highest rugged mountains which attracts a great deal. So the most of the tourist come listed here are the hikers that they hike about the rugged mountains. If you’re fond of adventurous activities then clean up your bags to Grand Canyon National Park. Within this place you can hike, raft within the river in the feet of those huge mountains, ride on mule and much more. You can even camp yourself within this park close to the river.

When visited here it’ll definitely become your wonderful vacation.

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Hiking journey in Grand Canyon Park

Hiking in Grand Canyon National Park can be a fun and rewarding experience as in other national parks. It is a great way to both see and experience the park. Many people visit the grand canyon for the unbeatable views but there is an entirely different world below the rim. The best way to appreciate the canyon is from the bottom, usually with a trip to the Bright Angel campground along the South Kaibab Trail and the Bright Angel trail. Other hikes include the rim trail along the south rim, where you can walk along the rim stopping at several fantastic view points. For a longer hike through the canyon consider hiking the rim-to-rim trail or taking a multi-day trek to the bottom of the canyon with nights at bright angel and cottonwood.

  • Hike into the Grand Canyon’s spectacular chasm on the less traveled trails of the North Rim.
  • Explore Havasu Canyon and its spectacular red-rock formations while camping for three nights beside a tranquil creek.
  • Swim in turquoise pools at the foot of gushing waterfalls, surrounded by sandstone cliffs.
  • Hike into a slot canyon with a Navajo guide, and meet members of the Havasupai tribe.

Memorable Camping at Grand Canyon National Park

Go on adventurous holiday trip to grand canyon to experience a memorable camping. If you’re planning to camp within the park, make the reservations one year in advance―or try for a first-come, first-served spot at North Rim or Desert View Campgrounds.The National Geographic Visitor Center has ample RV Parking available and you can also purchase your Grand Canyon National Park Pass here. Avoid the traffic during the busy summer season and take the free Shuttle from the National Geographic Visitor Center to the Visitor Center within the National Park. From the Visitor Center within the National Park, you can then take additional free Shuttles to the various view points along the rim of the Canyon.


  1. Phantom Ranch just might be the original hostel in the Usa. Native Americans have used the site since 1050 however it wasn’t until the 1920’s that the permanent structure standing today was being built. It remains a variety of very atmospheric, old stone structures that envision frontier life of the Wild West about in addition to anything you’re likely to see anywhere. When they were just remnants of the former time, it might be cool enough that they’re still in use causes it to be even more special. Ok, it does not hurt that it’s located at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, in a scenic just right Bright Angel Creek, a brief walk from the Colorado River either.

    Architect Mary Colter could be viewed in awe today on her accomplishments but what she did in the early 1900s is difficult to fathom. Her innovative designs dominated the National Park system of the southwest in a period when a woman architect was nearly uncommon. She was recognized for using local materials in such a manner that her buildings appeared to blend right into their surroundings. Her extensive work on the Grand Canyon is her hallmark

    The Canteen is the meeting spot for not only those staying in the Ranch but for backpackers and day hikers looking to catch a peek at the past. The old fireplace consists of various stones from the canyon and is especially indicative of Mary Colter’s style. With old wooden rockers, the fireplace roaring on the wet cool day, a whole lot stuff to read, the Canteen is really a haven for weary hikers. There are several small snacks and beverages on the market but meals should be reserved in advance. They are served family style and are all-you-can-eat. The price of transporting food to the canyon floor causes it to be not a budget option but surely worthwhile. Prices range from $20 to $40 based on the meal. Check website for options and current menu/prices. As with every National Park National Historic sites, the Canteen is available to everyone visiting the National Park. You are not treated any differently than someone staying there therefore it is a nice to relax even if you’re just day hiking or camping in nearby Bright Angel Campground, once we were doing.

    Distance – 6.8 miles down the South Kaibab Trail, 4.8 along the River Trail and up a part of the Bright Angel Trail to Indian Gardens Camp, 3 miles round visit to Plateau Point and back (Optional side hike), 4.7 miles on the Bright Angel Trailhead
    Elevation – 7,260ft. to 2,450ft. to 6,860ft.
    Best Seasons – September through May.

  2. We visited Grand Canyon South and West rim during the month of november. We throughly enjoyed the trip. Most beautiful place in the world. I have written about my experience in my blog My Scrawls about our Grand Canyon trip.

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