The World’s Top 10 Surfing Destinations 2015

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The World’s Top 10 Surfing Destinations 2015

Surfing is a year round sport. There are so many great surfing spots to travel to around the world. Coming up with a list of the top ten surf spots in the world was a fun and engaging task.

Surfing is a very popular adventure sport. It needs lots of practice and patience to perfect the art of surfing. There are two types of surfing: short boarding and long boarding. Short boarding is considered to be more difficult, as it needs more effort to maneuver the surfboard. Surfing originated some three to four thousand years back in Western Polynesia, and has evolved a lot since then. It was first brought to California by George Freeth.

There are so many great surfing spots to travel to around the world. Coming up with a list of the top ten surf spots in the world was a fun and engaging task.

Best Surfing Beaches in the World:

Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii

The best place to go surfing in the United States, Oahu has been a Popular surfing destination and ranks at the top of every seasoned professionals list of great surfing spots. Every surfer’s dream is to ride the perfect crest of Pipeline, the big daddy of all waves. One of the heaviest waves in the world, it is but fitting that you can find it in Oahu, the island that created surfing. The waves grow in size over six meters of a shallow base of razor-blade table reef, so if you dare charge this flawless tube, you will experience one of nature’s finest formations.

Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

Famous for its Supertubes, Jeffreys Bay is a very popular destination among surfers. The surfing area is divided into several sections, and has areas for beginners and seasoned professionals, alike. It is also home to the Billabong Pro surfing tournament, that brings many enthusiastic surfers from around the world to its shores. Best Time to Surf- May to September.

Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia

One of the most exotic surfing destinations in Indonesia, Uluwatu can get very busy and crowded in the peak season. There are four different sections to surf on, and it offers something to surfers of all skill levels. Best Time to Surf- April to October.

Macaronis, Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

The Mentawai Islands are located 120 km’s off of Indonesia’s largest island, Sumatra. The Maentawai Islands offer some of the best and most consistent waves in the world. The break known as Macaroni’s tops the list here, but there are amazing breaks throughout the islands. |Boat charters take groups of surfers out for about 10 days. They know the breaks and this area offers every type of ride imaginable. Lefts, rights, point breaks, tubes, big waves and open shoulders. You name it, the Mentawai Islands have something for every surfer. The best months to surf the Mentawais are from March to November.

Banzai Pipeline, Hawaii

Most surfers agree, Banzai Pipeline was first ridden in 1961 by Phil Edwards. This is the wave that other waves are measured by. There are three reefs that Pipeline breaks over, depending on swell size. They have the rather uncreative names of First Reef, Second Reef and Third Reef. Third Reef really only gets going at 20 feet, so it is rarely surfed. Greg Noll is famous for his 1964 ride on a huge wave out on Third Reef.

Bundoran Beach, County Donegal, Ireland

The cold may deter a surfer who is just beginning, but not the seasoned ones. For die-hard fanatics, the shimmering green waters with its rolling waves from the moody Atlantic that are shaped by bouncing off of the headlands and flat rock reefs is enough to draw them into Bundoran, a few hours away from the city of Dublin. This is one of the world’s best surfing spots in Europe where huge waves are recorded in the area over time, though the average is in the ten-foot range.

Hossegor, France

Dubbed as the surfing capital of Europe, Hossegor attracts surfers from all around the world. The giant Atlantic waves constantly pound this French shore, making it an ideal and favorite spot for surfing. And yes, beginners and experts, both will enjoy here. Best Time to Surf- September to October.

Sultans, North Male, Maldives

Across the Maldives’ painfully beautiful 1,190 coral islands is a consistent reef wave that is absolutely pumping in the spring. However, you need to go with a live-abroad outfit to experience the waves as the rocks can be very hazardous. One of the most famous waves in the Maldives is the Pasta Point, a break that offers both left-hand rides and 100 meters of pure tube riding out to sea. However, there is a catch if you want to experience this great wave, as you have to be a guest at the exclusive Dhonveli Beach Resort, which can cost you US$343 a night.

Riyuewan, Sanya, Hainan, China

Riyuewan, Sanya, Hainan, China

Puerto Escondido, Mexico

In the beautiful surroundings of south west Mexico you can find huge waves at the Zicaleta Beach in Oaxaca. Known as the Mexican Pipeline, Puerto Escondido hosts many surf competitions. Not only is this a fantastic place to go surfing but the seas are teeming with marine lie and the beaches are among of the best in the world. Add to that friendly locals and fantastic food and you have a Top surf holiday destination.

Riyuewan, Sanya, Hainan, China

China is not exactly known for its beaches nor surfing, but a gigantic island on its southern tip offers untouched tropical beaches with consistent un-crowded waves. For beginners, locals from Hainan can guide you to the best spot such as the Riyuewan Bay or other lesser-known locations. You can also recharge your body after surfing by eating fresh fish from the day’s catch cooked in spicy Hainan-style at the local cafe.

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