Perth Beaches Activities With Beach Safety Tips

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Perth Beaches Activities With Beach Safety Tips

Perth Australia Beach Guide the coastline from the city of Perth, Western Australia from Fremantle Port north to Hillarys Boat Harbour, visiting every beach on the way.

Most of the beaches in Perth is available by bus, and those that are between Swanbourne and Fremantle are within walking distance of the train line.

Climate and also the Weather

  • Best Times to be the Beaches in Perth: during summer, the beach is nicest each morning between about 9 and 11 oclock. This really is before the sun gets too harsh and also the sea breeze come in.
Perth Beaches Travel Guide

Perth Beaches Travel Guide

  • Perth Waves, Perth Surf: Beaches in perth’s south, like Sandtrax and Port Beaches, have smaller waves compared to those further north, like Scarborough and Trigg. The largest waves to be found along Perth city’s coastline are in Floreat, Scarborough and Trigg.
  • The Best Surf in Perth: Trigg Beach has got the best and most consistent surf. The waves there break much further offshore than at other Perth beaches, and aren’t dumpers. Scarborough and Brighton, just a few kilometres south of Trigg, is also pretty good.
  • Perth Beach Fishing: For beach fishing in Perth, North Cottesloe and also the Grant Street Dog Beach are my family’s favourite spots.Species commonly caught off Perth beaches include herring, whiting, tailor and mulloway.

The very best beaches for fishing in Perth are usually the ones that have some Reefy areas, like Cottesloe. Another hint would be to fish north of a storm water drain, especially following heavy rain. These drains release extra nutrients in to the ocean. They’re not so good for that environment, but they do a good job at attracting fish! You will find storm water drainpipes at Floreat Beach and also the Army Beach.

The rock groynes across the coast are also popular fishing spots at sunset, providing convenient use of deeper water.

  • Snorkeling: The snorkeling from the beaches in Perth can be interesting, should you go to the right beach around the right day. Sometimes you’ll be also lucky and see something quite extraordinary, such as this huge baler shell on the reefs off Point Peron:
  • The most typical sea creatures you’ll see, however, are schools of bream, old wives, stripeys, red lipped morwong and some smaller brightly coloured fish. It isn’t unusual to see sting rays, and when you dive down and appear under the ledges, the occasional crayfish. Weedy seadragons are.

In the Perth City area, the reefy beaches from Trigg northwards within the Marmion Marine Park are the best for snorkeling. The limestone reefs are covered in seaweed and scattered with a lot of pretty shells, like shiny abalone and turban shells.

These reefs provide some defense against waves, but it’s always best to snorkel on the calm day because wind and enormous swells tend to stir up water, reducing the visibility. On a calm and windless day, the reefs off south and north Cottesloe will also be good for snorkeling.Further away, the reefy areas off Point Peron and Penguin Island are superior to the Perth metropolitan beaches.

But on top of that is Rottnest Island, which has the most amazing beaches in the Perth area and fantastic snorkeling. The area is surrounded by reefs, plus some of them are coral reefs. The marine life at Rottnest is way richer than along the mainland coast, largely because of being in the path of the Leeuwin current, that can bring warmer water down in the tropics.

Beach Combing

  • A small assortment of Perth beach shells
  • Some of the beaches in Perth are ideal for beach combing at low tide, particularly in winter after cold fronts and storms.
  • Certainly one of my favourite things about winter in Perth is braving the wind on and on for a long beach-combing walk. I like the beach when it is wild and wavy and i am the only person there.

On all Perth beaches you will find plenty of sea weed, sponges, cuttlefish bones and a large amount of small, pretty white and orange shells, a few of which have delicate patterns or tiny round holes – ideal for making jewellery and shell hangings with.

The very best shells are found on the Fremantle beaches. South Beach is the best because of the variety of pretty shells that wash up, particularly the fan shells in bright shades of yellow, orange, pink, red and purple. South Beach and Bathers Beach will also be good for finding seaglass.

Beach Safety Tips

Beach Safety Tips

Perth includes a number of beautiful sandy beaches to select from, and while swimming at Perth’s beaches is usually very safe, there are some things you should know, specifically if you have not visited Perth beaches before. Rips and powerful currents can develop, and the tips below will help to make your trip to the beach in Perth an enjoyable and safe one.

Read all indicators which have been placed at the beach you’re visiting. These signs could have special warnings or current conditions concerning the surf.

  • Swim between the red and yellow flags, they are there to indicate the area using the safest swimming conditions.
  • If you’re not a good swimmer or you are unclear about the surf conditions ask a lifesaver for advice, they’re there to help keep you safe.
  • Swim having a friend or near other swimmers, this way if you do get into trouble you’ll easily be noticed.
  • If you do find yourself caught inside a strong current or a rip, don’t try to swim against it, instead save your valuable energy. If you are caught inside a current or having difficulty within the water, stay calm and raise your arm in mid-air for help. The lifesavers who patrol beaches are watching the water and will also gain their attention.
  • If you’re unsure of the depth from the water, then do not run and dive in to the surf. If you should accidentally hit a sandbank you may be seriously injured. It is much better to go in the surf and check the depth from the water first.
  • By following the above mentioned guidelines, you can enjoy your time at Perth’s wonderful beaches and also have a safe fun time in water.
  • Sun Safety: Perth’s sunshine attracts much traffic, and you may be tempted to take in all that wonderful sunshine and obtain the perfect tan as quickly as possible. However, many international visitors, particularly those who aren’t used to a bright sunny climate, can underestimate time it takes to overdo it and burn. Wanting at your skin will not provide you with an indication of whether you are getting sun burnt, as sunburn may take hours or even longer to completely develop after you have come in from the sun.
  • To avoid letting a poor case of sunburn spoil your Perth holiday, follow these simple tips, specially when spending any length of time by the pool.

Use a sunscreen which blocks both Ultraviolet rays, and if possible, apply sunscreen Fifteen minutes before sun exposure. Re-apply sunscreen every couple of hours, and also after toweling off or swimming because this will remove some of the sunscreen, even when it is a water resistant product.
Finally, should you choose overdo things and get sun burnt, you will find treatments available from the nearest chemist or pharmacy which supports reduce the pain and burning that sunburn may cause.

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