Seychelles Island Adventure Travel Guide

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Seychelles Island Adventure Travel Guide

Seychelles is a true ecotourism destination including a remarkable list of endemic birds, giant tortoises, and marine parks teeming with underwater life

The little gem in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Seychelles, is really picture-perfect. The gorgeous white-sand bays and the aquamarine ocean contrasts deliciously with the tan boulders honed smooth by the sea and the green lush tropical vegetation. Increase the experience great diving, snorkeling, hiking and kayaking and you’ll be seduced.even and not mention the many excellent French-influenced restaurants with the freshest seafood or the otherworldly tranquility of the deserted beaches.

Seychelles Island

Seychelles is a true ecotourism destination and has been doing a great job protecting local flora and fauna, including a remarkable list of endemic birds, giant tortoises, and marine parks teeming with underwater life. Sometimes hyped as the place to go for millionaires – and there are some fantastic super-exclusive hideaways for those who can and wish to pay for them – the islands have ample choices for anyone’s budget. In the end, it is the same bright blue sky, the same warm ocean, the same colorful reefs wherever you stay! If you are a dedicated diver, go onboard the Sea Shell, Sea Pearl or Sea Star to obtain the best of the underwater wonders.

Diving in Seychelles

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The fishing in the Seychelles is world class, whether it is big game or fly. Between November and April, big avid gamers should head to the fringe of Seychelles Bank where the ocean floor descends to 1,800m. Record-breaking dog tooth tuna, huge marlin, sail fish and sharks could be caught here and charters are possible from Mahe, Bird and Denis. For fly aficionados, the outer island of Alphonse is the spot to be. Here the abundance of bonefish is really that even novices happen to be known to snag 20 in just one day. The fly season runs from September to June and it’s worth noting that the islands not just impose a strict catch and release policy but additionally decree the use of barbless hooks.


Admittedly also known for its water activities, the Seychelles actually offer truly fantastic hiking possibilities. Inland a really magnificent landscape waits filled with tropical forests, waterfalls, shrines, and obviously spectacular views. The majority of the trekking takes place on Mahe, La Digue and Praslin and here there are many well-marked trails. The most popular could well be the Anse Royale – Anse a la Mouche trek that can take about three hours to complete. Guided tours will also be a possibility and a hike having a local Seychellois will provide you with a distinctive opportunity to learn about the landscape, flora and fauna top notch – something that you cannot experience back on the sun lounger.


If on surface entertainment is the thing you will find endless adventurous possibilities in the Seychelles. The mixture of steady winds, warm weather, and natural, calm lagoons create an idyllic backdrop to savor top class kite surfing, dinghy sailing, and wind surfing. The best time for aquatic sports is May to October but should conditions and/or personal preference dictate otherwise, sea kayaking is definitely an option. Expect the spectacular and if you’re lucky you might have dolphins and land tortoises as companions in your journey. Suffice to express there is always something to complete in the Seychelles, be it above, below, or on the ocean wave.

Others activities

Whilst rock climbing continues to be pretty new in this a part of the world, any climber visiting the islands could be well advised to bring their gear. The three central islands are granite and of those, La Digue offers the better of the climbing opportunities. Infinite bouldering opportunities exist directly on the sand but if you want to escape the sun for some time then the Constance Ephelia resort on Mahe has opened a full scale climbing wall. Open daily and offering classes for beginner and advanced climbers, it’s proof that adventure attractions take presctiption the up in the Seychelles. There is even talk of making a canopy ride and zip wire on Mahe so there’s truly something for everybody, be you an adrenaline junkie, beach lover, or both!

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