Best Bali Spa and Resort For Vacation

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Best Bali Spa and Resort For Vacation

know the best vacation spa resorts at bali for a profound and rejuvenating life experience

The exotic and friendly atmosphere and the relaxing ambience of the heavenly island known as Bali has spas and resorts from the ordinary to the most exclusive, catering to every taste and budget. In fact one of the major reason people visit Bali is for the wonderful spas and resorts it offers to world travelers.

Spas in Bali offer unforgettable experience; memories of which you will carry home with you. The rejuvenating baths in flower fragrant waters, oil massages and stress relieving atmosphere is something everyone should experience in Bali. A visit to Bali is incomplete without heading to a spa or a resort to savor the delights of a relaxing spa.

1. Khayangan Luxury Spa Resort:

This is considered as one of the best resort in the world. The Khayangan Luxury Spa Resort Villas are heavenly. This private spa resort includes a few cabanas overlooking the blue ocean. For couples and lovers who need a couple of weeks of solace, it is the one of the best location anywhere in the world. Trained staff are always ready to take care of all your whims and fancies without being too obtrusive. The tropical landscape with flowers, palms and green grass enhances the beauty and exoticness of the already beautiful place. The interiors of the dwellings and resort are furnished with traditional local materials like bamboo and hemp to lend the Balinese touch to the building. There are private pools just a step away from the cabanas and cabins and beyond the turquoise green blue sea beckons for a cool dip.

2. The Thermes Marins Bali – Ayana Spa Resort Jimbaran:

Ayana Resort, The Thermes Marins Bali Thalasso and Spa are situated overlooking the Indian Ocean. The main feature of these spas and resorts is the large Aqua tonic seawater therapy pool. It has everything right from Asian hospitality to western sensibilities in facilities and comfort. Take the full body treatment or spend a lazy afternoon in the spas. Everything out here is ready to lift your spirits. Here you will find complete body, mind and soul treatments.

3. Parwathi Spa at Matahari Beach Resort and Spa:

Close your eyes and imagine splashing water in sparkling pools, colorful sights inside a tropical garden and inhale the scent of lotus and frangipani flowers floating in the air. This is not a dream; but a reality which awaits you within the Parwathi Spa. Benefit from the calming influence of traditional massage.

4. Alila Villas Uluwatu:

Alila Villas Uluwatu is owned by a major Singapore hotelier famous for stunning luxury spa resorts. In Bali they’ve made a perfect holiday getaway on the beautiful plateau that overlooks the ocean. Within this wonderful spa resort , you will find natural and environmentally friendly décor, rooms, such as the bedroom and living areas offering views of the serene landscape. Guests will be amazed at the wonderful use of natural materials such as the volcanic rock that is used as floors and beautiful bamboo ceilings.

5. Como Shambhala Spa Resort:

The Como Shambhala Resort is the perfect example of a retreat for the hedonistic travelers. The gorgeous resort includes a luxurious hotel and spa containing terraced pools, lounges, dining rooms and remote areas for private rendezvous.  – More information visit  Bali Holiday Spa Resort

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