Fish Foot Spa – Garra Rufa and Guide

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Fish Foot Spa – Garra Rufa and Guide

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Have you ever tried a fish foot spa yet?

This fish manicure has become very popular and it has crossed from the East to West and all over the world. As of now, their are hundreds of fish spas across the UK, all cashing in on the new fad in fish foot spa therapy.

What is a Fish Foot Spa ?

A fish foot spa is actually a place where you go to put your feet into a mini aquarium of garra rufa fish . The garra rufa fish will gently nibble away the dead skin of the feet for approximately half an hour. Once the fishes have done their duty, your feet will come out of the tank incredibly clean and smooth to the touch. Entire families go together to give themselves a foot spa; something like a weekend outing or picnic. Both young and the old have been smitten by the foot spa craze sweeping the Western world.

How much dos it cost to have a fish foot spa ?

The expense of having a foot spa varies from place to place, depending on where you live. For example the London spas charge more than spa in smaller cities or rural settings. The average cost of a 30 minute session in a foot spa is about £20 – £30 and sometimes the spa owners may toss in a cup of tea to make you happy.

What does a fish foot spa feel like ?

The closest description of the sensations felt in a fish foot spa is akin to feeling ticklish all over your feet. However it certainly isn’t painful in the least. The garra rufa fish themselves resemble little minnow fish you might have picked up as a child from the Rockwool.
I would certainly recommend having at least one experience of this wonderful treatment for your precious hands and feet. Most people eulogize the benefits of a fish foot spa and hey who knows ,you could be pleasantly surprised if you go for it.

What does the Treatment Involve?

The therapy is referred to as a ‘natural pedicure’ using Garra Rufa fish. This technique originated from Turkey. It leaves the feet feeling smooth and rejuvenated because the ‘fish massage’ increases the blood circulation.
The fish used by the British version of the treatment are Garra Rufa fish, also called nibble fish or tiny dermatologists. The Minnow size fish feast upon the dead or unhealthy skin on your feet and do not have any teeth. Therefore the healthy skin is all that remains after the session is give you baby soft glowing toes and feet.

Guide to The Fish Foot Spa

I figured I would produce a new help guide to help those who are looking to have their first fish foot spa. You’re probably aware of spa therapy treatments but fish foot treatments are something altogether unique and different. What exactly goes on in these spas? Well to begin with, it is primarily to do with putting both feet into a glass or transparent tank of water and letting the fish commonly referred to as the garra rufa fish, nibble away the dead skin on your feet. leaving the feet feeling smoother and fresher to touch.
There are usually two kind of fish foot spas available at present. The first is exclusive and for the privileged resembling a traditional spa, where you go into a room and put your feet inside a tank full of fish. Other fish foot spas are open to all and more economical because you place your feet in a tank ,sharing it with a number of other people and the crowd can look on and see whatever is going on.

So what exactly are the cost implications of a fish foot spa ?

In the UK you will probably pay anything from £20 to as much as £75 depending on the area that you are located at as well as the length of the session. Most sessions usually last between 30 to 60 minutes. My advice for the first timers is to just have a brief session. This is because usually after a thirty minutes of the fish foot spa treatment, the fish will get bored and begin to leave your toes and feet. Beyond a 30 minutes treatment session, the treatment becomes ineffective.
To summarize, most of the people I know who have had a fish foot spa have only good stuff to say about this treatment and usually recommend it to others. There is a lot of hype and curiosity about the foot spa treatment in the media and popular culture, but my guide above may have helped you get better understanding on the subject.

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