White Zinfandel Wine – Nutrition Facts, Ingredients and Bouquets

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White Zinfandel Wine – Nutrition Facts, Ingredients and Bouquets

White zinfandel wines are best known for their young age, sweet taste and affordability.

The Zinfandel wine grapes characteristics what can basically be explained as a split character – there can hardly be two extra many types of wine than White Zinfandel (light, sweet) and Red Zinfandel (spicy, intense). Everyone is initially introduced to wine by means of White Zin so it serves a laudable objective – even so its innocuous character looks to bear no resemblance for the complicated, bold flavors of a fine Red Zin.

White zinfandel wine was born inside the 1980s. It’s a sweet, crisp wine using a pale-rose color. The calories inside a five oz. serving of a white zinfandel wine differ amongst brands.

History of Zinfandel

White Zinfandel Wine - Nutrition Facts, Ingredients and Bouquets

White Zinfandel Wine - Nutrition Details, Components and Bouquets

Inside the 1980s, white wine had develop into well known inside the U.S. Winemakers in California, who had orchards complete of red zinfandel grapes, decided to generate a white wine out of their red zinfandel grapes. The skin is peeled off the grape to generate white zinfandel.

Zinfandel is predominantly grown in America, despite the fact that it really is now been found that the grape has European origins in Croatia. An incredibly common wine grape pre-Prohibition (at the same time as through Prohibition considering that it shipped nicely for dwelling winemaking about the nation), this grape came back into vogue inside the 1970s when Sutter Dwelling accidentally created their to begin with batch of “White Zin”, a slightly sweet blush version. This style is nevertheless ubiquitous but quite a few finer red Zinfandels are celebrated currently at the same time.

Types of White Zinfandel

White zinfandel wines are most effective identified for their young age, sweet taste and affordability. It can be for these causes that they may be generally served at parties and massive group events. This precise sort of blush wine pairs nicely with each sweet and spicy foods. White zinfandel is also excellent for picky wine drinkers. You will discover many varieties of white zinfandel wines offered at neighborhood grocery retailers.

Rabbit Ridge White Zinfandel

Identified for getting a light and crisp taste, this brand is often a superior solution for an individual who’s in search of a zinfandel that is certainly not too sweet. The makers of Rabbit Ridge wines leave the skins with the wine grapes on for a little longer than most wineries. This creates a far more flavorful wine using a wealthy color. A bottle of Rabbit Ridge White Zinfandel will expense you about $8, as of December 2010.

Beringer White Zinfandel Premier

This zinfandel is identified for getting a far more strong taste resulting from its wealthy notes of plum and raspberry. This white zinfandel, which can be excellent to pair with desserts or even a light meal, is actually a mellow wine that tastes ideal served chilled. As of December 2010, this wine sells for about $8.

Zinfandel Wine Characteristics

Physique: medium to heavy
Tannins: light to medium
Acidity: medium
Flavors: wild berries and plum with generous peppery notes – in some cases fruit flavors border on overripe with prune and raisin


White Zinfandel Wine - Nutrition Facts, Ingredients and Bouquets

White Zinfandel Wine - Nutrition Details, Components and Bouquets

The calories inside a white zinfandel wine differ only slightly amongst winemakers. Most white zinfandel wines include 100 to 113 calories and 0 to 9 g of carbohydrates per five oz. serving. White zinfandel wine will not include any fat or protein.

White zinfandel is calorie-dense, as a five oz. serving consists of 105 calories. This quantity comprises over five percent of the each day calories, depending on a two,000-calorie diet program; a five oz. serving of common soda delivers only 62.five calories. If you are dieting, White zinfandel is usually a poor alternative, because it would take 29 minutes of weightlifting to burn off the quantity of calories inside a five oz. glass.


White zinfandel is high in alcohol, as every single five glass consists of 12 g of alcohol. Alcohol could be the second-most calorie-dense nutrient, delivering seven calories per gram; only fat delivers additional, nine calories per gram. Alcoholic beverages just like white zinfandel are also unhealthy for athletes, as investigation inside the March 2010 concern with the “European Journal of Applied Physiology” suggests that alcohol can impair muscle recovery from workout.

Zinfandel Rapid Facts

Bottled by varietal name in U.S.

Bottled by neighborhood varietal name in Italy (‘Primitivo’)

Bottled by neighborhood varietal name in Croatia (‘Crljenak Kaštelanski’)

Popular Producers: Rosenblum Cellars, Cline, Ridge Vineyards

Commonly ideal drunk young for its vibrant fruity character, while some additional exceptional wines might be aged ten years or far more.

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