Auromesa Traditional Ayurveda Centre in New Mexico, USA

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Auromesa Traditional Ayurveda Centre in New Mexico, USA

Auromesa supports itself with traditional ayurveda. Auromesa is featuring traditional Ayurveda by licensed practitioner Tizia O'Connor.


Auromesa is found in Taos New-Mexico between the Sangre de Cristo Mountain and also the Rio Grande. The main home is an Earth ship built Two decades ago by Paul and Tizia. The “Plum Shed” may be the Ayurveda studio designed with a bathroom shower/ steam room.

Auromesa can also be home of awesome sunsets, natural hot-springs, Wild River, sea of sage, beautiful light, walking rains, Taos Mountain, sky without any limits. It’s trying to accept progressive attitudes in doing things as time passes and care, and ultimately it’s about a New Consciousness toward the Universal Manifestation. Here, we’re invited to increase to a new discovery of ourselves.

Relating to this CENTRE:

It’s a centre focused on the sharing of Sri Aurobindo and also the Mother’s Integral Yoga. Auromesa supports itself with traditional ayurveda. Auromesa is featuring traditional Ayurveda by licensed practitioner Tizia O’Connor. By using many therapies learned in India and remedies that either originate from India Himalaya or made at Auromesa, your physical and mental constitution is going to be assessed and cut back to balance, using ancient gentle and effective therapies.


The treatments provided are solely ayurvedic and aren’t called massage. They’re about balancing doshas or humors in your body, by removing toxins, eating based on one’s constitution requirements, using plants, Mindful breathing, and exercises and cleansing procedures to attain a balanced state of body/mind and consciousness.

The ayurvedic treatments provided by this centre are; Localized Treatments, Shirodhara, Deep Kilari marmas massage, prenatal massage, Baby massage, Week-end rejuvenation retreat, Shirodhara, Kansa Vasti, Panchakarma Retreat, Acupressure Massage, Nutrition, Ayurvedic Phytotherapy, Daily routine plan.

We offer the Panchakarma remedies are; purvakarma, Panchakarma at Auromesa, Paschatkarma, Vamana, Virechana (Purgation), Basti, Nasya (Nose Cleaning), Raktamokshana. As well as Abyangham/Swedana, Consultation – pulse reading, prakruti, vikruti, symptoms, diagnosis, dynacharia, rithucharia, diet, pichu, nadi swedana, kansa vasti, kalari marma chikista Acupressure, day therapy.


Our Ayurvedic practitioner activly works to balance the doshic imbalance (imbalance in your body “humors” or characteristics). Tizia may provide the detoxification program referred to as panchakarma (five detoxification therapies), in addition to nutrition and lifestyle guidance, and recommendations of Ayurvedic natural herbs. Through her understanding of the science of Ayurveda, she will assist a customer in establishing daily routines (dinacharya) that literally brings about the desired good balance to release stress and assistance to ward off dis-ease.


Our guest rooms can be found to Panchakarma and week-end retreat patients. We welcome a couple of patient at any given time therefore your retreat will remain very private. There’s a bed and breakfast close by or guest rooms in the new Buffalo for individuals wanting different arrangements.

You’re also asked to enjoy the special atmosphere in our library/meditation room. We’re located on the Hondo Mesa across the Rio Grande near natural hot springs, about Twenty minutes north of Taos awesome spot for peace and wilderness lovers.


Our price details for that treatment are; Abyangham/Swedana – $60.00, Consultation – pulse reading, prakruti, vikruti, symptoms, diagnosis, dynacharia, rithucharia, diet – $ 75.00, pichu – Forty five dollars.00, nadi swedana – $45.00, kansa vasti – $ 55.00, kalari marma chikista acupressure – $ 62.00, shirodhara – $ 79.00, day therapy – $ 240.00, Basic Three-fold Rejuvenative Treatment: – Abyangham/Swedana/ shirodhara – $ 120.00, week-end retreat – $ 481, prenatal/ labor/ postpartum massage – $58.00 and Panchakarma – Ten days – $ 1904 (11 nights), Seven days – $ 1315 (8 nights) & Five days – $ 1025 (6 nights).


I needed to let you know just how much I had enjoyed dealing with you on me!! I’m at an age where I’ve found it is time to take care of myself. Going for you is such an excellent experience. I am rather shy and discover your ability to pay attention without judgment to my current lifestyle quite refreshing. The way you introduce new dietary habits and taking care of myself is simple to digest (excuse the pun!). Your summary of a new way of taking a look at what I happen to be eating is very an eye opener. I am now eating having a conscious understanding of how I feel once i eat which is making an effect. I have lost some weight, OK maybe ounces, however i feel great! My skin troubles are going away slowly which for me personally is the most exciting. I anticipate our monthly visits because the good feeling afterward just continues. – Desiree from TAOS

I wish to thank-you for your love, support, graciousness, care, generosity and healing hands during Panchakarma. Since the first day we met, you’ve been an excellent friend and educated me in endless valuable lessons which i appresiate on a deep level.
Personally i think blessed to possess met you and also Paul and that i will carry your spirit, wisdom and sweetness with me. – Ruth

After a preliminary visit and being very inspired through the special setting from the place on the mesa near to the Rio Grande Gorge and hot springs down in the river, the inner require a time of purification was confirmed using the trust this is a special place and also the right atmosphere to surrender to some deeper process. With the first consultation the fundamental diagnosis evolved along with a date was set inside a month, and dietary instructions and medicines received for the preparatory duration of purvakarma, and it felt good obtain the trust and responsibilty to completely participate in the therapy. On arrival a couple weeks later within the lovingly prepared accommodation the very first meal of kichari immediately tuned in to the menu-plan for the coming Ten days. The main consultation organized the treatment-procedures and that i appreciated the potential of learning about the parameters and background reasons of ensuing steps. A unique bonus from the process were daily Ayuryoga-classes early every morning in the meditation room with special focus on doshic balancing. The homely atmosphere – and integration in to the very kind and caring practitioner’s household and serene setting and open horizons about the mesa allowed me to actually dive right into a deep transformative time underneath the very caring facilitation of Tizia. Having lived in India for several years, staying with teachers and masters, I had been very happy seeing the advantage again to remain in the immediate environment and household from the holistic practitioner and using that have the possibility of an all round care-taking, feedback and pragmatic integration from the unfolding steps from the healing process. This have been a very rewarding and deep healing knowledge about the additional bonus of getting met precious fellow people and new friends on the way …. a true opening from the heart, having a very grounded outcome to find a deeper and rejuvenated balance with my body system, mind and soul ! – Aurelio from Auroville South India.

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