Travel to Sri Lanka For Ayurveda Treatments

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Travel to Sri Lanka For Ayurveda Treatments

Travel to Sri Lanka For Ayurveda treatments: Sri Lanka’s Ayurveda treatments and ancient cures tend to be more popular today than ever before.

Sri Lanka’s Ayurveda treatments and ancient cures tend to be more popular today than ever before. When bitten with a snake, people residing in villages rarely seek Western allopathic treatment but rather visit the Ayurvedic doctor.Sri Lanka is basically an enormous storehouse of herbs for this function. You will find 200 approximately indigenous plants growing here which are utilized in this ancient health care system, which may be traced back 4000 years to hindu scriptures. Even though it was termed native medicine during colonial times and set around the back-burner, the monk within the temple and native Vederala kept the machine alive. It’s recently gained huge attraction to European, Japanese and Middle Eastern tourists – regarding its effects highly enough to import Sri Lankan herbal concoctions produced in time honoured methods. Every ailment from diabetes control to rejuvenation, menopausal symptoms, joint ailments and bone breakages could be solved through this Science of Life.

Travel to Sri Lanka For Ayurveda Treatments

A Brief Ayurveda history

Ayurveda spread to Sri Lanka from India around 6th century BC being the primary type of medical practice. Sinhalese kings contributed significantly towards the growth and development of Ayurveda in Sri Lanka. Based on the Mahawamsa, ancient chronicles of history, King Dutugemunu built hospitals for that Buddhist monks along with a maternity hospital as soon as 173 B.C. It’s known that King Buddhadasa (388 to 416 AD) would be a great Ayurveda physician, who had been amply trained in medicine and veterinary science and it is credited using the compilation of `Saratha Sangrahaya’, that is read by Ayurveda physicians even going to this very day. Ruins of those ancient hospitals still remain inside the Cultural Triangle cities.

Modern Ayurveda

The Ayurveda system practiced today in Sri Lanka is intermingled with Siddha (medicine of South India), Unani (Greko-Arabic system) plus some facets of acupuncture from China. Before the introduction of western medicine through the British within the 1800s, Ayurveda dealt with the healthiness of the folks. To this day, it remains a part of Sri Lanka’s National Health Care system. Learning Ayurveda studies is supplied in the Government College of Ayurveda, that is affiliated towards the University of Colombo. A lot more than 17,000 Ayurveda practitioners are registered underneath the Sri Lanka Ayurveda Medical Council.

Ayurveda Treatments

Ayurveda is fantastic for to reduce stress, detoxification and rejuvenation. Treatments offered include herbal oil therapy, massages (head, feet, and synchronized body massages), use of herbal body masks, herbal baths, saunas and facial treatments. Short-stay guests can usually benefit from these treatments. Ayurvedic therapies will also be good for a variety of other health conditions including reducing of diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, obesity, arthritis, along with a host of other medical conditions. No less than Fourteen days stay is needed for that more intensive curative treatments to be able to experience an optimistic life-style change which will impact your future wellness.


Yoga allows you to build your body extremely agile. The flexibleness from the spine and joints and also the elasticity of muscles enhance the blood flow. Yoga disciplines the mind and the body. By focusing on the rhythm of breathing you find the skill of relaxation. The discipline of Yoga will make sure a well-balanced intake of food. You’ll be resistant against disease and safe from infections. The effortless regimen triggers positive thinking. It doesn’t matter regardless if you are on the Sri Lanka tour package or perhaps in any of the up market boutique hotels in Sri Lanka. Go just a little further inside your Sri Lanka vacation.


Meditation may be the attainment of the deeply relaxed frame of mind and the body. One’s metabolic rate has been said to decelerate resulting in the discharge of anxiety, stress as well as pain control. Breathing exercises, repeating mantras, and relaxing in silence helps relax your brain and lower concentrate on the stressful situations that surround us and strengthen our concentration for that healthy elements which are constantly around us. Meditation is an element of significant Ayurvedic treatment that can help bring harmony towards the body and mind and understanding about our true nature.

Ayurveda holidays

Red Dot has developed a few Ayurveda focused holidays that you should consider. Of course, we are pleased to tinker with one of these set itineraries to meet your requirements. Some may decide to dabble. Some may decide to undergo total body and mind relaxation for 3 to four days through Ayurvedic therapies throughout a relaxing holiday. There’s also several Ayurveda Resorts that provide more comprehensive curative therapies and consume only Ayurveda clients. These resorts need a minimum stay of Fourteen days. The itineraries that people have come up with concentrate on Ayurvedic healing in addition to time for you to experience Sri Lanka’s most breathtaking and tranquil landscapes. Each itinerary supplies a personal journey of inner peace and wellness.

Ayurveda Resorts

Several Ayurveda resorts in Sri Lanka emphasise positive health insurance and the total amount between body and mind via a mixture of ancient philosophies for example Ayurveda, Yoga, and meditation. Treatments vary from rejuvenating massages using herbal oils, body wraps, and flower baths up to the more intensive curative Ayurveda treating a variety of health conditions including to reduce stress, weight loss, reducing of diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension etc. These resorts take Ayurveda seriously and therefore are just for those wanting to undergo intensive Ayurvedic treatments and need a minimum stay of Fourteen days. An authorized Ayurvedic Physician will supervise your medical and nutritional programme. We’ve included probably the most reputable Ayurveda Resorts.

Sri Lanka Spiritual Vacations

Whether it’s Meditation or Yoga, they all are areas of the Science from the East. also it has a total solution offer of healing not only from the body but from the mind and soul too. Come go through the magic from the eastern life-style.

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