Cape Fertility Clinic in Cape Town, South Africa

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Cape Fertility Clinic in Cape Town, South Africa

Cape fertility clinic provides affordable, safe and comprehensive IVF plan for treatment to the patients. The Cape Fertility Clinic was established in 1993.

Cape Town – Introduction

Cape Town is the second largest city of South Africa. This city is the capital of Western Cape Province and is the legislative capital of South Africa. It is one of the most iconic cities in the world. You can get here by air, rail or bus and can see wild life, sea life, events, and historical monuments. You can perform water sports, adventure sports and wine tours here.  Medical tourism is the latest craze and visitors flock here in numbers to get the fertility treatment along with the sightseeing plans.

Cape fertility clinic

Cape Fertility Clinic

The Cape Fertility Clinic is situated in the scenic Southern suburbs of Cape Town, under the eaves of the picturesque Constantia Mountains and the back of Table Mountain. The Clinic can be found in the Claremont Medical Village in the vibrant and fast developing suburb of Claremont.

Cape fertility clinic provides affordable, safe and comprehensive IVF plan for treatment to the patients. The Cape Fertility Clinic was established in 1993. This fertility clinic is in Cape Town, South Africa.

A modern, stylish laboratory is equipped with all the latest conception strategies to be used with positive results. There are approximately 850 IVF (in vitro fertilization) cycles performed every year. Cape fertility clinic is one of the largest IVF centers in South Africa.

Cape fertility offers a friendly, caring environment to assist couples who come here for fertility treatment. Cape fertility clinic provides the services of IVF coordinator and a psychologist to counsel the patients. Cape fertility clinic premises consist of an IVF operating theatre, laboratory, and embryo transfer room next to main reception and staff offices. Plan a vacation to Cape Fertility for the medical tourism fertility treatment.

Cape fertility clinic medical team includes four Specialists in Reproductive Medicine:

  • Dr. Sulaiman Heylen
  • Dr. Paul le Roux
  • Dr. Klaus Wiswedel
  • Dr. Tamtam Matebese

Five IVF coordinators and Five embryologists.

All kinds of conception treatments can be found at the cape fertility clinic including advanced procedures of IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection), testicular sperm extraction, sperm and egg donation and surrogacy. Advanced fertility surgery using minimal invasive techniques (key hole surgery) is conducted at the clinic including operative hysteroscopy and laparoscopy.

The Pregnancy rates achieved at Cape Fertility Clinic are extremely high and similar to any top IVF unit in Europe or the USA.

Program at the Cape fertility Clinic are designed around the premise of minimal medical intervention to provide a safe and effective treatment to the patients. The Fertility Specialists at cape fertility directly oversee and manage their patient’s treatment, and care for their patients during procedures. They work in a team, and all difficult troubles are discussed within the team.

The laboratory comes with the latest high-magnification ICSI microscope. This can help the embryologist in selecting the best spermatozoa. High-magnification ICSI can improve clinical outcomes in couples with previous repeated conventional ICSI failures.

All Assisted Reproduction procedures are carried out at the premises of the Cape Fertility Clinic. Laparoscopic and Hysteroscopy procedures are carried out at Kingsbury Hospital, located across the street of Cape Fertility Clinic.

The Cape fertility Clinic is open Monday to Thursday from 08.00am until 06.00pm. On Fridays cape fertility clinic closes at 05.00pm. Saturdays, they’re open from 09.00am until 13.00pm. Fertility procedures are carried out on weekends and public holidays.

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