Infertility Tourism – Gender Selection in Cyprus Draws UK Patients

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Infertility Tourism – Gender Selection in Cyprus Draws UK Patients

Cyprus best For Infertility Tourism UK infertility doctors are elevating the expense for Brits and sending the patients to North Cyprus for gender selection.

Cyprus an idyllic place for healthcare treatments abroad. Affectionately referred to as Island of Aphrodite, this captivating country comes with an abundance of historical sights and activities to entertain and rejuvenate visitors, as well as glorious stretches of coastline and fresh, climate due to the insufficient heavy industry.

PGD for Gender Selection is affordable, effective, and more importantly, legal in North Cyprus.
Among Britain’s top infertility specialists continues to be sending patients abroad to endure PGD for gender selection, a process that is drawing lots of media attention among Brits since it is considered illegal in the uk.
The UK media is questioning the ethical and moral issues concerning the conversional procedure cheap UK infertility doctors are cashing in onto it. Even though they are denying the accusations, the media says that the UK infertility doctors are elevating the expense for Brits and sending the patients to North Cyprus for gender selection.
Has it become that essential for Brits to look for the sex of the baby? Why a multitude of seeking this method to travel to North Cyprus simply to know the response to this question…boy or girl?

Charles Richard Kingsland, Director from the Hewitt Center for Reproduction in the Liverpool Women’s Hospital, continues to be helping patients pick the gender of the unborn children for over a decade, based on the UK’s Daily Mail.

Gender selection

Gender selection in the united kingdom was banned in 2008 using the Human Fertilization and Embryology Act. Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) is a technique of analyzing chromosomes to detect genetic abnormalities in embryos and may also be used for gender selection. A persons Fertilization and Embryology Authority (HFEA) monitors using PGD in clinics through the UK to guarantee the procedure sits dormant for determining the sex of unborn children.

Gender selection is against the law in most of Europe although not in North Cyprus. Cyprus is definitely a vacation hotspot for UK citizens. Being an easy destination within Europe, Cyprus has become a major place to go for fertility tourism. One clinic, Dogus IVF Centre, has a few of the highest success of infertility treatments at the smallest costs plus they are the only government recognized infertility hospital in North Cyprus.

With regards to infertility treatment, “we would be the lowest price dedicated IVF hospital in Europe and also have the highest success,” stated Julie Hodson, patient coordinator for Dogus IVF Centre.

Beside it being legal, you will find financial benefits for patients who wish to undergo PGD for gender selection in North Cyprus. “According towards the Mail on Sunday, UKCFA clinics charge £14,000 for sex selection. At Dogus, we simply charge €5,500, including accommodation and transfers.” £14,000 is around €16,600. As an effect, UK citizens who travel to Dogus IVF Centre in North Cyprus for gender selection save over €11,000.

Cyprus is among the few countries where gender selection is legal. The process for PGD for gender selection at Dogus, North Cyprus, implants three fertilized embryos of the known gender into the mother’s uterus.

As with a regular IVF procedure, female eggs and also the male sperm are fertilized in-vitro (away from body) using ICSI technology. 2 to 3 days later, cells begin to divide and form into an embryo. PGD for gender selection involves testing either the X or Y chromosomes to look for the sex from the embryo using florescent in-situ Hybridization (FISH). By showing each chromosome in various colors, FISH allows doctors to discover the sex-determining chromosome within the embryo before implanting it in to the mother’s uterus. PGD also offers the benefit of diagnosing any genetic mutations which means you have the guarantee that the future child is going to be free from any abnormalities.

PGD for gender selection is among the most popular treatments at Dogus IVF Center. The clinic is really accustomed to treating patients from abroad that and infertility treatments, they provide packaged handles airport pick-up, hotel accommodations and transport back and forth from the clinic.

Patients that do the ovarian stimulation in your own home are only necessary to be at Dogus in North Cyprus for any total of seven days to endure the sex selection procedure and be sure success. Towards the British legislation, these Seven days appear as simply a week-long vacation to sunny Cyprus.

The talk over Dr. Kingland’s actions comes from his profit in organizing a fertility treatment using the UKCFA that is illegal in great britan. Furthermore, his actions encourage healthy, fertile couples to endure IVF when they otherwise wouldn’t qualify for an infertility treatment.
At Dogus IVF Centre, your full treatment methods are arranged from North Cyprus and thus there are no ethical implications within UK.

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