Europe Backpacking Checklist and Essentials Tips

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Europe Backpacking Checklist and Essentials Tips

Backpack right before go camping or hiking anywhere! When you are planning your Europe trip certain things on your packing list like essential gears & guide, clothes, food and etc. europe backpacking,

Want to go backpacking in Europe? There is a constant battle in the backpackers mind to bring everything they will need and sacrifice comfort in the process. Most likely, you won’t use half of it. For today’s generation of twenty- to thirty-somethings, backpacking in Europe for a few weeks in the summer is almost like a rite of passage into adulthood. Sleeping on overnight trains, hanging out at cafes all day, and meeting other like-minded vagabonds and wanderers from all over the world at student hostels is what it’s all about! Europe is a very progressive place that has everything and anything you can get from home, unless it is your mothers homemade specialty. Lay out everything you will need, then cut it in half. Check out the list to pack essentials for backpacking europe:

Europe Backpacking Tips

Set a Destination in Europe

Choose Eastern Europe (Sofia, Budapest) for dirt cheap excitement. London is spendy and friendly. Rome is cheapish, crime-challenged and huge fun. Paris is relaxed and affordable. Laid-back Amsterdam is totally packed. Brussels rocks cheap. Germany can be staid or mind-blowing. You can always choose an event, like a hot summer music festival, or a place you want to see, like the Louvre, and plan your trip around it. Go to 17 countries on one rail pass if you can’t decide.

Where to Stay

Europe Backpacking Checklist

Europe Backpacking Checklist

Try to book your hostels before leaving home so that you won’t have to knock on doors at 2 a.m. Some great Web sites for finding hostels are: HostelBookers, HostelWorld, and HostelsEurope. Be wary of traveler reviews on these sites and always use TripAdvisor for better unbiased reviews. For the more adventurous travellers, the CouchSurfing network offers free board on a fellow CouchSurfer’s couch with the understanding that you will open up your couch at home to passing CouchSurfers. Visit: CouchSurfing for more.

Decide to Right Backpack for Europe

This is much more difficult to do if you have a suitcase with wheels, and it’s also difficult to do with a backpack that doesn’t sit right on your body shape and frame.You will need to know a few things. How long is your trip going to be? Are you going in summer months, or for a full year? Do you want something ultra light, or something that can carry a heavier load? Get an idea in your head of what you want out of your backpack, and then you’ll have a better idea of the sort of model that you will want. The amount of clothing to be packed will depend on how long you are traveling and the climate of your destinations. You can buy soap there to wash clothes on the road which will be very helpful in making your load lighter.

How to pack and what to pack

The lighter you back, the better—especially if you’re planning on picking up souvenirs. For clothing, pack enough for just under one week and plan on doing laundry every one to two weeks. Some people belong to the “folding” theory of packing while others adhere to the “rolling” theory.


Your choice of clothing will depend to some extent on where you’re heading to and the time of year that you are travelling. However, there will always be some basic needs such as waterproof clothing, good quality walking boots and camping essentials if you are sleeping outside. Keep a separate checklist for your ‘kit’ and make extra purchases way ahead of time if you are likely to need them.

Basic Food

It’s also a good idea to have some backup food with you in case you get stuck somewhere for a night. You won’t need a lot, it’s just to keep you alive and you will probably be able to get somewhere and buy more food after a day.


Sandals or flip flops is what most people wear in Southeast Asia during the day. They keep your feet cool and hygienic by stopping the build-up of sweat. As soon as dusk falls, mosquitoes appear so be sure to bring a second pair of closed shoes. Lightweight hiking shoes (but not bulky boots) are recommended if you intend to do a lot of walking — perhaps around a huge temple complex or jungle trail — but backpackers intending to visit beaches and cities should opt for lightweight canvas shoes. Either way, both types of footwear can be easily stowed in a backpack.

Essential Ultralight Backpacking Gear

Your sleep system, comprised of your tent or shelter and your sleeping bag, can make the difference between a restful night of sleep that makes all day hiking the next day both possible and enjoyable, and an uncomfortable night spent fighting the elements. The upside is that these ‘heavies’ come in many incredibly light versions that still do an amazing job of keeping you adequately dry and warm. Some ultralight backpackers will include a sleeping pad in this essential category, which is why sometimes you might hear ‘The Big Four’.

Medical and first aid Equipment

If you’re departing on a Europe specific adventure then the good news is that much of the continent isn’t as remote as, say the Amazon Rain Forest. However, you may still find that there aren’t too many High Street Chemists located close to the Trans-Siberian Railway or even in the French or Swiss Alps.

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