Facts about The Grand Canyon Skywalk Tours

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Facts about The Grand Canyon Skywalk Tours

Take A Breathtaking Stroll On The Grand Canyon Skywalk bridge to see the bizarre views of reserving Express Plane or helicopter Skipping the long Line.

If you are in arizona, visit the Grand Canyon Skywalk Bridge is the platform made of glass. The Grand Canyon Skywalk is a glass-bottom “U”-shaped bridge that overlooks the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon’s West Rim. The Skywalk is an opportunity to see the Grand Canyon like never before. Located on a magnificent cliff overlooking the western edge of the Grand Canyon is the Skywalk. Opened in 2007 on the Hualapai Indian Reservation about 120 miles (193 km) from Las Vegas, the unique U-shaped “glass bridge” is a partially enclosed walkway that cantilevers 70 feet (21 mtrs) out above a 720 foot (219 mtr) high cliff. This “bridge to nowhere” is a spectacular bit of engineering even if it does not fit everyone’s definition of what a bridge is. If categorized as a footbridge, the Skywalk is the highest of its type in the world.

Structural engineering design included inner and outer box beams built up from two-inch thick plates, creating hollow shapes of 32 inches wide and 72 inches deep. The beams were designed to resist wind and vibration forces determined by RWDI of Ontario, Canada, and anchored deep into the native rock with large groups of drilled micro-piles. The 10 feet by 2 inch wide bridge deck consisted of five composite layers of tempered glass, totaling 2.79 inches thick. The 5 foot high glass handrail has been designed for high wind pressures as well as code prescribed railing loads.

Grand Canyon Skywalk?

While not located in the Grand Canyon National Park, it is located in a smaller part of the same canyon system, offering a view like no other can. Owned and operated by the Hualapai Tribe, the Skywalk will be the first-ever cantilever shaped glass walkway to suspend more than 4,000 feet above the canyon’s floor and extend 70 feet from the canyon’s rim. March 28, 2007 as the official public opening date of The Skywalk.

Skywalk Facts

Grand Canyon Skywalk Helicopter Tour

Skywalk Express Helicopter Tour

  1. The Grand Canyon Skywalk is active and open to the public year-round, hosting approximately 2 million visitors since it opened in March 2007.
  2. The Skywalk is a horseshoe-shaped, glass-bottom structure that allows visitors to walk 70 feet past the edge of the Grand Canyon wall and stand 4,000 feet above the Colorado River.
  3. The phenomenal views are enhanced by glass walls and floor panels so visitors get unobstructed views of the Grand Canyon. Each of these glass panels is custom built to the highest standards for safety and clarity.
  4. The Skywalk is an engineering masterpiece that took four years and $30 million to complete.
  5. The Skywalk foundation is strong enough to support about 71 million pounds – the equivalent of 71 fully loaded 747 airplanes.
  6. It consists of more than 1 million pounds of steel and 83,000 pounds of glass.
  7. In total, it weighs 1.2 million pounds.
  8. The glass walls are approximately five to seven feet high, extending four to six feet above the glass floor – safer than code, yet low enough that guests do not feel confined.
  9. The Skywalk is 10 feet wide.
  10. It is located 4,000 feet above the Colorado River.
  11. In 1996, businessman David Jin, from Las Vegas, NV, approached the Hualapai Tribe with the idea of a glass walkway over the Grand Canyon. He won approval from the Tribe in 2003.
  12. The Grand Canyon Skywalk was designed and engineered by Lochsa Engineering & MRJ Architects and built by Executive Construction Management, all based out of Las Vegas, NV.
  13. Engineers conducted tests on the geologic stability of the site and researched the foundation by testing the compressive strength of the rock.
  14. Engineers also conducted extensive testing during the planning and design phase to ensure the Grand Canyon Skywalk could easily withstand the high winds that have been known to blow through the Grand Canyon.

Getting there

The Skywalk at Grand Canyon West is located on the Hualapai Reservation and is managed by the Hualapai tribe. Easiest access is from Las Vegas, Nevada. It is approximately 125 miles from Las Vegas and takes at least 2 � hours to get there. There are scenic flights from Las Vegas and Boulder City that take you right into Grand Canyon West where you then board a motor coach to the Skywalk.

Express Grand Canyon Plane Ride to the Skywalk Skipping the Line

View Sycamore Canyon in all it’s beauty. See the Grand Canyon from the airplane as you arrive at the Grand Canyon West Airport. Depart the Henderson Executive Airport on your express airplane flight to the Skywalk at Grand Canyon West. On your flight, you will experience a bird’s-eye view of the Grand Canyon, Lake Mead and Hoover Dam. Then travel to the bottom via helicopter, to take a narrated trip on the Colorado River in a pontoon boat. Return to the airport by helicopter to be met by your pilot for a narrated trip to two scenic points on the rim. View the splendor of the Grand Canyon from over 4,000 feet above the river. Have lunch prepared by the Hualapai Tribe while enjoying the view of the Grand Canyon. This is a 7 hour tour.

Upon landing, board your VIP ground transportation to the Grand Canyon Skywalk where you will enjoy expedited access onto the glass bridge. The Skywalk features a horseshoe shaped glass floor that projects 70 feet from the canyon rim. A personal Skywalk photo and a souvenir bag with snack are included with this adventure.

Duration: approximately 4.5 hours (hotel to hotel) with an estimated 1 hour of ground time at Grand Canyon West.
Departure Point: Maverick’s terminal at the Henderson Executive Airport at 1620 Jet Stream Drive (includes complimentary transportation to and from hotels within five miles of the Strip).
Items To Bring: Camera, sunscreen, photo ID (for anyone 18 yrs or older) and if you should forget anything visit our gift shop.


  1. Bypass the lines with your guaranteed Skywalk Pass!
  2. Fly on our 6-passenger A-Star helicopters with 6 forward-facing seats & large windows for incredible views.
  3. Soar high above the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead on your 45-minute flight to the Grand Canyon.
  4. A souvenir photo of you on the Skywalk is included!
  5. Take a scenic bus ride to Eagle Point – the location of the Grand Canyon Skywalk.
  6. Fly back to Las Vegas, enjoying views of the Las Vegas Strip!
  7. Luxury Las Vegas hotel limousine pickup and return included!
  8. Please note: The listed price does not include a USD $40 per person processing fee, payable at the time of tour check-in.

Grand Celebration Skywalk and Boat

  1. Book a Grand Celebration Skywalk Tour
  2. Breathtaking views of the Grand Canyon.
  3. Flight over and views of Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon.
  4. Landing at the bottom of Grand Canyon, 4,000 feet below the rim.
  5. Boat cruise on the Colorado.
  6. VIP passes to the Skywalk.
  7. Complementary Skywalk Photo.
  8. Light snack included.
  9. Hotel to Hotel Transfers.

Tour Options

Tour Only: Price from USD $109.99! Includes bus from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon West Rim, Grand Canyon West shuttle bus and buffet lunch.
Tour & Skywalk: Price from USD $144.99! Includes bus from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon West Rim, Grand Canyon West shuttle bus, buffet lunch and Skywalk ticket.
Tour & Helicopter/Boat: Price from USD $324.99! Includes bus to Grand Canyon West Rim, Grand Canyon West shuttle bus, buffet lunch, helicopter to canyon base, 15-min and boat ride.
Tour & Helicopter/Boat/Skywalk: Price from USD $354.99! Includes bus to Grand Canyon West Rim, Grand Canyon West shuttle bus, buffet lunch, helicopter to canyon base, 15-min boat ride and Skywalk ticket.

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