The Grand Canyon Skywalk Glass Bridge Location

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The Grand Canyon Skywalk Glass Bridge Location

The Grand Canyon Skywalk is a horseshoe-shaped walkway that extends almost 70 feet out into the Grand Canyon. It is located on the Haulapai Reservation in an area referred to as Grand Canyon West.

The Grand Canyon Skywalk is a spectacular modern marvel, and one of the most controversial building projects in Arizona. The glass sky bridge stretches over a canyon, and is a sleek, gleaming achievement of engineering. But many have criticized its construction as being detrimental to the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon and environmentally unsound. What’s not in dispute is that the Skywalk offers spectacular views of the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon Skywalk is made of 4-inch glass walls and flooring, so you’ll actually be walking on glass hovering 3,600 above the canyon floor. Get to know a few more interesting facts about the Skywalk at the Grand Canyon.  The Skywalk is located on the West Rim of the Grand Canyon approximately 5 hours from the Grand Canyon National Park.

Grand canyon skywalk

Grand canyon skywalk

The historical rollout of The Skywalk structure, with the glass in place, is scheduled for February 27 to March 2. The initial part of the rollout process involves jacking the structure up off of the supports and then subjecting the structure to several days of thorough tests that replicate the conditions of final placement. After the final testing is complete, the multi-million pound steel enforced structure will be rolled out across the canyon’s edge, which takes multiple days. Immediately after the structure is in position, it will be seated and attached to the foundation. Details for a media event during the rollout will be revealed closer to the event.

History of Grand Canyon Skywalk

Grand Canyon Skywalk Located at Grand Canyon West on the Hualapai Indian Reservation, the new Grand Canyon Skywalk opened to the public on March 28th, 2007. The structure, consisting of a U-shaped cantilevered glass walk jutting 70 feet past the rim of the Grand Canyon, was dreamt up by Las Vegas businessman David Jin while taking part in a Grand Canyon tour in 1996. With the help of Las Vegas design firm Lochsa Engineering, Jin’s creation will be sturdy enough to hold the weight of a dozen fully loaded 747’s, and strong enough to withstand winds up to 100mph. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin lead the first walkers on the Grand Canyon Glass Skywalk in a private ceremony on March 20th, 2007.It is hoped that Grand Canyon West’s Skywalk Project will give an economic boost to the Hualapai Indian Tribe. Grand Canyon West, in development since 1988, offers Grand Canyon touring opportunities not available elsewhere, such as helicopter rides to the Colorado River, cowboy cookouts, horseback rides on the canyon rim and one-day Grand Canyon white water rafting trips.

Tourist attractions in Grand Canyon Skywalk

One of the most incredible views and tourist attractions of the Grand Canyon is the Skywalk. Stand 4,000 feet above the ground and 70 feet away from the edge of the cliff on a glass suspension walkway and peer down into the depths of the amazing Grand Canyon. What is The Skywalk The Skywalk is an attraction built on the Hualapai Nation that allows visitors to walk on a suspended bridge walkway that has a glass floor and hangs out over the Grand Canyon.

  • Shaped like a giant horseshoe, The Skywalk is on the West Rim of the Grand Canyon, on the Hualapai Nation.
  • Suspended above the canyon over 4,000 feet below.
  • The Skywalk opened to the public in March of 2007 and is considered outside of the Grand Canyon National Park.
  • Weddings, Special Events and even Bungee Jumping have been permitted from the Skywalk with reservations and special permissions with the Nation.
  • The Skywalk itself was imagined by entrepreneur David Jin and breathed into life with architect Mark Ross Johnson and is built to handle a magnitude 8 earthquake within 50 miles.

Visit the Grand Canyon Skywalk

The architects and engineers set out to create a structure that would balance well with the natural surroundings of the Canyon, as well as protect the values held by the Hualapai. The West Rim of the Grand Canyon used to average approximately 200 visitors per day. Since the grand opening of the Skywalk, that number has risen to a staggering 2,000 visitors daily. Access to the Skywalk runs from dusk to dawn and costs $33.00 per person in addition to the cost of your tour package. One hundred and twenty visitors will be allowed on the bridge at a time. Admittance is first come, first serve for walk up visitors, though reservations can be made in advance. Papillon offers a variety of Grand Canyon West airplane tours that land in close proximity to the spectacular Skywalk. These tours depart daily from both of Las Vegas and Grand Canyon South Rim locations. You may select a departure location from the two buttons at the top of this article to book the experience of a lifetime.

Grand Canyon Skywalk tours options

Take a walk over the Grand Canyon’s edge on the first-ever 4,000-foot high glass bridge, the Grand Canyon Skywalk. This attraction is located only 2 ½ hours away from Las Vegas by road and only 45 minutes by air. Experience an eagle-eye view of Lake Mead and Hoover Dam on your way to the Grand Canyon on a premier helicopter or airplane tour from Las Vegas. The Skywalk is an opportunity to see the Grand Canyon like never before.This amazing structure, located on the Hualapai Tribe’s attraction, Grand Canyon West, is best accessed on an array of half-day and full-day tour options from Las Vegas. There are several Grand Canyon tour companies from Las Vegas that package the Skywalk with helicopter tours, airplane or ground tours, plus tours of Hoover Dam on the way to the Skywalk. Once you arrive at Grand Canyon West, use the hop-on-hop-off shuttle to tour Grand Canyon West’s three main points of interest, and upgrade your entrance package to include everything from horseback riding to Canyon floor helicopter landings to pontoon boat rides on the Colorado River.

  • Tour Only: Price from USD $109.99! Includes bus from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon West Rim, Grand Canyon West shuttle bus and buffet lunch.
  • Tour & Skywalk: Price from USD $144.99! Includes bus from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon West Rim, Grand Canyon West shuttle bus, buffet lunch and Skywalk ticket.
  • Tour & Helicopter/Boat: Price from USD $324.99! Includes bus to Grand Canyon West Rim, Grand Canyon West shuttle bus, buffet lunch, helicopter to canyon base, 15-min and boat ride.
  • Tour & Helicopter/Boat/Skywalk: Price from USD $354.99! Includes bus to Grand Canyon West Rim, Grand Canyon West shuttle bus, buffet lunch, helicopter to canyon base, 15-min boat ride and Skywalk ticket.

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