8 Basic Equipment Needed for Outdoor Camping

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8 Basic Equipment Needed for Outdoor Camping

Use this article to remind yourself of what you need to bring along when camping. Adjust the list according to the season.

Camping is an opportunity to get away from it all and enjoy nature up close. For many people, it’s a chance to live in a more pared-down way, but even for the most minimalist camper there are a few necessities you shouldn’t leave home without. What camping and hiking gear you need depends on where you plan to camp and what facilities are available to you, but each of these top 8 things will come in handy whether you’re beneath a desert sky or deep in a mountain forest.

There are a few things you need for camping trips that you are not likely to forget: Tent, sleeping bag, and Maps and Compass with food and drinks, are at the top of my list. But then there are other things you may not think of that could help make your experience more enjoyable.

Basic Camping Equipment

Basic Camping Equipment


Unless you are considering sleeping in an RV throughout the camping period, you should pack a tent for the venture as well. If the tent has not been used for a while, it is advisable to first open it up, to air it, prior to packing. Additionally, you should check to ensure that the tent is free of molds and holes. If you are purchasing a tent, you should check to ensure that the tent is of a suitable size, based on your camping needs. Additionally, it should also have built-in hooks and pockets to hold the sleeping gear and lanterns. The tent you opt for should also be of the right height and easy to pitch. While packing the tent, you should also ensure that you have all the pitching poles as well as the fly.

Sleeping Bag and Pillow

With regards to the sleeping bag, the important considerations are your body height, its weight and temperature rating. The ideal sleeping bag should be about five to six inches longer than your height. Even if the weather forecast for the place you are heading to indicates that it will be hot, a sleeping bag is among the camping essentials that you need to carry. For a more comfortable sleep while on this venture, you should also carry pillows.

Maps and Compass

You have GPS on your phone, and you may even have a GPS system sitting in your car console. Unfortunately, you may not get a signal in remote camping spots, or as you disappear into the forest to go hiking. Have your navigation essentials, such as a map and compass, with you at all times in case your GPS is less than reliable.

Pocket Knife

Most commonly known as a Swiss Army Knife, this tool is a camping essential that takes up almost no space in your bags. With a knife, corkscrew, saw, small scissors and more, you’ll have a variety of camping essentials in an easy to pack, compact size.

Camping Clothes

When packing for a camping trip, you need to pack appropriate clothes for the venture. While choosing camping clothes, it is important that you pay attention to the weather in the camping site. If there is a water body in the site, you may need to pack swimsuits and beach gear as well. Even if the weather forecast predicts a warm weather, you should be prepared for a buggy and cold weather at night. In this regard, you will need to pack such clothing items as long-sleeved shirts, long pants, socks, close-toed shoes and a sweatshirt. Such clothing will keep you warm at night and protect you against insect bite when you are outside the tent at night.

First Aid Kit

While undertaking an active camping venture, such as cycling or mountain climbing, it is possible to get bumps, scratches, cuts or burns. As such, it is highly advisable that you carry a first aid kit when going for camping. Additionally, you should carry the kit along with you whenever you are going out for excursions away from the camping site. A first aid kit will ensure that injuries are effectively attended to in a timely manner.

Choosing The Right Camping Tent

Choosing The Right Camping Tent

Lantern, Flashlight or Headlamp

Whether you’re stumbling to the bathroom after dark or sneaking a midnight snack, you should always have a lantern and/or flashlight in your camping essentials box. Be sure your light source is easy to reach in the car, in the event that you arrive at your site after dark.

Toilet Paper and Toiletries

While packing for a camping venture, it is important that you remember to pack your personal effects, including toiletries. Some of the toiletries that you must pack are soap, shampoo, toothpaste, razor, eye care supplies and an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. While many campsites have functional bathrooms, shower stalls, flushing toilets and running water, you should also carry toilet paper, in case the one in the bathroom runs out. Another important thing that you should bring along with you is wet wipes.

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