Some Helpful Tips For An Amazing Camping Adventure Holidays in France

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Some Helpful Tips For An Amazing Camping Adventure Holidays in France

Camping in France is a great experience.Going camping? Are you currently prepared for some camping basics? It might appear basic, but it is necessary to stay prepared ahead of time.

France is recognized for having some of the best campsites in Europe and there’s no shortage of them. From the cosmopolitan west coast towards the mountainous south there are excellent facilities available to make your stay as comfortable as you possibly can.

Tips for Camping

Tips for Camping

Exploring Camping Holidays in France

You will find literally thousands of campsites which are accessible to British tourists in France. Weather you’ve got a tent of your own (or you wish to rent one) or you are touring inside a motor home or caravan it is easy and straightforward to pick a location through a booking agent. Thomson Al Fresco specialises in camping holidays abroad and provide thorough and complete advice on every region that you might want to visit. You will be spoilt for choice with regards to picking a location so I’ll provide you with a quick rundown on the most widely used locations.

What to Pack for Camping

Using the variety of campsites available there are many different options for how you spend your time and effort, but wherever you go there are some essentials you actually shouldn’t be without:

Need A Tent:

A clear one this, but the thing you don’t want to be doing is turning up for the first night of holiday fun simply to realise that you literally is going to be sleeping beneath the stars.

Mosquito repellent:

France has lovely warm weather ideal for a summer holiday, but we’re not the only species to enjoy it. Should you don’t want to spend the holiday scratching be sure you pack yourself a decent repellent and apply liberally.

Toilet tissue:

Most campsites have shower blocks with toilet facilities, but often they’ll expect you to provide your own paper, so don’t get caught short.

Black plastic sacks:

Camping Holidays in France

Camping Holidays in France

Once you’re instructed to live amongst it you’d be blown away how much litter the average family creates per day, be a responsible camper and try to clean up after yourself. Plastic bags may also be useful for ensuring items like shoes stay dry in most weather.

Warm waterproof clothing:

And talking of weather, you might be expecting cloudless skies and baking sun every single day, but remember that when camping you’re constantly exposed to the elements. Waterproof clothing will help you see out the worst unexpected storms and when night falls the temperature will drop dramatically, so be sure you have something warm to snuggle in while you drink your cocoa.

Require a Torch:

Darkness in the countryside could be remarkably different to the kind of darkness you discover in a city. If you need to go from your tent to the toilet at 3am via a sea of guy ropes then you’ll quickly learn to appreciate your torch as the new best friend.


An active campsite can become like a little community and absolutely nothing brings people together just like a good game. You can quickly socialize with a football (just don’t kick it around too close to the tents) and a lot of French campsites possess a table tennis table, so bringing a few bats and a supply of table tennis balls and you could even generate a mini tournament.

Consider a mobile home:

Strictly speaking it’s cheating, but selecting a mobile home over a ready tent, or higher your own tent, is much more practical. You receive comfy beds, a hot shower, a rest room, lots of storage, and a fully equipped kitchen so that you can eat when you’re ready. To create things as comfortable as you possibly can, go for the biggest mobile home you really can afford. If you’re using a travel cot, make sure that it will fit in the bedroom.

Waterproofs and Wellies: An absolute must have

Take waterproofs and wellies for you as well as your toddler, regardless of the time of year. You cant ever be too reliant on Nature, and what’s worse than being stuck inside on vacation?

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