Top 7 Winter Camping Destinations

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Top 7 Winter Camping Destinations

If you have studied up on your winter camping tips and feel prepared to brave the frigid temperatures, where are a few good destinations for winter camping.

Many amazing campsites are open throughout the year and winter or off-season camping can provide a unique camping experience, by using a little planning is as rewarding just like any summer trip. Most campsites are quiet at the moment of year, so any unseasonably warm weekend is definitely an opportunity to try some late season camping.

We’ve come up with a list of beautiful campsites which are open throughout the winter months. It might be cold and sometimes bleak, but think of the amazing solitude as the heaving masses huddle indoors contently adding a layer of winter fat.

Here listed 7 of the greatest winter camping areas:

Nitmiluk National Park

The majestic Katherine River carves its way through Nitmiluk National Park, causeing this to be spot perfect for kayaking and canoeing. Most camping within the national park is based close to the river, and some camping areas are just accessible by water. You may also use a canoe to travel between camping areas like Eighth Gorge and Smitt Rocks. Winter is the greatest time of year to visit Nitmiluk, as the park can flood within the wet season.

Mount Hood National Forest, Oregon

Located about 60 miles from Portland, Mount Hood National Forest went through various changes within the centuries, including merges along with other forests and a few different names. Mount Hood National Forest sees over 4 million visitors every year, making it among the most-visited national forests in the country, though most visitors camp within the surrounding area and not the forest itself. RV camping areas are sprinkled through the area.

The centerpiece from the Forest is Mount Hood, a stratovolcano measuring over 11,200 ft . tall. Its peak is home to twelve glaciers. The sprawling landscape features picturesque mountains, lakes, and streams. During wintertime, Mount Hood National Forest is really a prime spot for all manner of snow sports, for example downhill skiing and snowboarding, snowmobiling, and skating.

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan

Pictured Rocks extends for 42 miles across the shores of Lake Superior so they cover an expanse of 73,236 acres. The land is interspersed with cliffs, rock formations, the Grand Sable Dunes, archways, and waterfalls.

The nation’s lakeshore draws large crowds of holidaymakers every summer and fall. During the cold months, those throngs melt away, providing you with a complete, unhindered experience. Explore pristine beaches or hike on the hundred miles of trail. You may also take advantage of a multitude of winter activities, like ice fishing, ice climbing, and skiing. Campgrounds and side roads aren’t well-suited to large vehicles, so Tiffin motorhomes and RVs should exercise caution in the region.

Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

Winter Camping Destinations

A sight that wouldn’t be unnatural in Giza, Great Sand Dunes National Park is really found in, of all places, Colorado. Found near Mosca, Colorado, the nation’s park actually has the tallest dunes in The united states, but the park is more than simply sand dunes. The landscape comprises wetlands, alpine lakes, grasslands, and forestland.
The park offers year-round hiking opportunities, however the primary activity is sandboarding, skiing, and sledding on the dunes. Nearby mountains provide the same opportunities, replacing the sand with snow. Clear skies accommodate amazing views from the night sky.

Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park is situated just north of the Mexico border in Texas, between Dallas and El Paso. The park offers the gorgeous Rio Grande river canyon pictured blow.
The good thing regarding considering Big Bend National Park like a winter camping destination is the fact that it’s a nice warm-up to more extreme iterations of winter camping. January, the coldest month at Big Bend, continues to have an average high temperature of 60 degrees with an average low of 35. Those temperatures continue to be extreme and require full winter camping preparation, but it’s a great deal more pleasant than trying to negotiate a winter camping experience in which the high temperature never goes above freezing.

You will find four campgrounds in Big Bend, most of them located nearby restaurants and supermarkets. Backpacking and bird-watching are two popular activities around the block.

Platypus Bush Camp, Queensland

Platypus Bush Camp is just one of our favourite Queensland camping spots because of its beautiful rainforest setting, friendly owner, great facilities and proximity with a of the most stunning parts of the (warm) Queensland Mid Tropics, including being just a few kilometres away from Eungella National Park. Be sure to keep an eye out for the camping areas namesake within the pools and creeks round the site.It costs $7.50 per adult every night to camp.

Killarney Provincial Park

For many real winter camping, give Killarney Provincial Park in central Ontario, Canada a go. The park has a designated position for winter campers. They require all campers in the winter months months to file a trip plan using the park office. Temperatures during the night can sometimes get as low as -20 Fahrenheit! The wintertime camp site includes a hut having a wood stove for frigid campers wanting to warm themselves.

A popular activity for winter campers in Killarney Provincial Park is snowshoeing. The park is recognized as safe for blazing your personal trail on foot in the winter because the terrain is fairly flat and comparatively shielded from the elements through the dense forestry.

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