Check out Camping in Badlands National Park, South Dakota

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Check out Camping in Badlands National Park, South Dakota

Visit Badlands National Park to experience and adventure holiday that perfect platform for having wide campgrounds and sites with luxury stay.

South Dakota’s Badlands National Park is really a favorite among travelers.Badlands National Park, in southwest South Dakota, preserves 244,000 acres of sharply eroded buttes, pinnacles and spires combined with the biggest protected mixed grass prairie in america.The sprawling 244,000 acres encompass historic fossils and geologic features, hiking and biking trails for many levels, and jagged buttes, spires, pinnacles, and canyons. Visitors can spot prairie dogs roaming the mixed-grass prairie, together with bison. Although summer season is peak season for visitors, if built with the correct gear, even winter within the Badlands can prove a pleasurable experience.There are 2 campgrounds in Badlands National Park, Cedar Pass and Sage Creek Primitive Campgrounds. These two campgrounds are open all year round. Cedar Pass is first come first serve, and can take reservations for group camping. Saga Creek is really a primitive camping area and is also first come first serve.

Visiting Badlands National Park to Camping

The Badlands loop road is really a 30-mile scenic drive on South Dakota Highway 240 that takes you thru the heart from the park. Scenic overlooks across the road provide you with photo opportunities and interpretative signs with park history. Along with the moon-like landscapes, Badlands National Park is one of the largest protected mixed-grass prairies in america. This combination of long and short grasses helps sustain the abundance of wildlife that lives inside the park. Antelope, deer and prairie dogs would be the most commonly seen animals, but Bighorn Sheep and the endangered Black Footed Ferret also reside within the boundaries from the Badlands.

Badlands national park Campgrounds

Badlands national park Campgrounds

Backcountry Camping – Badlands National Park

Backcountry camping is permitted. No fee or permit is necessary, but providing information to some ranger and signing trailhead logs is suggested. Nineteenth-century French trappers who christened this region mauvaises terres a traverser (bad lands to travel across) might regard the backcountry hiker nowadays with bewilderment. The spires, pinnacles, and ravines which frustrated earlier travelers give a visual “gateway to forever” with views that can stretch over fifty miles and provide solitude and serenity. Whilst in Badlands National Park, answer the call for individuals who seek to understand, firsthand, the dynamics of nature within this forbidding-looking place.Backcountry camping is permitted. No fee or permit is required, but providing information to a ranger and signing trailhead logs is recommended. Backpackers may camp anywhere in the park which is at least .5 mile from the road or trail rather than visible from park roads. Because just the Castle Trail strays far away from the main road, most backpackers set out cross country on routes of their very own. In this case, topographic maps are strongly recommended, if not essential. In the North Unit, the 64,250 acre Sage Creek Wilderness is ideal for backpackers. Leave your vehicle at the primitive campground, and follow Sage Creek in to the wilderness.

Badlands National Park Campgrounds/Campsites

Badlands National Park Cedar Pass Campground Camping

Badlands National Park in South Dakota offers many striking geologic features and contain among the world’s richest fossil beds. The Park’s 244,000 acres feature an expanse of mixed-grass prairie where bison, bighorn sheep, prairie dogs and black-footed ferrets live. The Park features a lodge, campgrounds, visitors center, restaurant, gift shop, cultural exhibits and several hiking trails.

Sage Creek Campground Camping
Camping in Badlands National Park, South Dakota

Badlands Campground

It’s not uncommon to find out the occasional bison wander through Sage Creek within the western portion of the park. The primitive campground off Sage Creek Rim Road sits near the South Fork from the Cheyenne River and is free to use for a 14-day maximum stay. It’s more of a camping area than a well established campground – you can pitch your tent in the field wherever space is available. You won’t find many amenities here, including water, so bring your personal; pit toilets and covered picnic tables are available. The street into the park may be closed following winter storms and high spring rains.

Accommodation to stay at Badlands National Park

On your next visit to Badlands National Park, escape the crowds of the lodges or nearby hotels and relish the fantastic outdoors since it was supposed to have been – either camping within a nearby campground or backpacking in to the wilderness. Whenever you rent our backpacking or camping gear, you’ll find out how much cash it can save you by renting rather than buying. Rental of backpacking and camping gear for Badlands National Park is straightforward; just click the “Browse Rental Gear” tab above to start. You can rent tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, hydration gear, lights, SPOT GPS trackers – whatever you need for an excellent outdoor experience. We also have new gear available on the market as well as any supplies and accessories you may want for your national park adventure.

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