Fun Outdoor Summer Activities For Children with Special Needs

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Fun Outdoor Summer Activities For Children with Special Needs

It’s summer! That means it’s the perfect time for kids to get out of the home. Planning a vacation to an exciting outdoor destination with the whole family can get complicated and expensive.

Summer holidays are just around the corner. Summer can be a challenging time for children with special needs and their parents. Many families face a decrease in school and therapeutic hours. This may leave parents with extra time to fill during the day. Parents are also on alert as children with behavioral or social skill challenges encounter bullies and controlling peers at parks. A trip to a recreational center may seem like an easy answer for some families, but not always the most accommodating for a child with physical disabilities or special needs. Here are some fun activities that you and your kids can enjoy creating together.

Top 7 Outdoor Summer Activities:

Go Camping Outside

Camping is the most exciting activity for kids. If you do not want to go far enough, set up a camping atmosphere at the backyard of your house. Pitch tents and arrange for campfires. Set games and game rules and enjoy camping. Set up a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt. Arrange a cookout there – grill some barbeques that your kids would go crazy for!

Fly a Kite and Enjoy Picnic

Go to a park or an open field with fewer trees around and go crazy flying a kite. Run like the wind and let your kite soar. Do not forget to pack some sandwiches, chips, crackers and juice boxes to enjoy picnic at the open park.

Junior Gardening

Landscaping is another stimulating activity that helps your kid stay in touch with the nature. Allow him to explore his green thumb; pick up a simple picture gardening book from the store and a few seeds and explain your little toddler the step by step process of planting and watering a plant.

Play Outdoor

Let your kids play outdoor sports, like Frisbee, badminton, or football. Basketball frames hand-eye coordination and teamwork. Soccer is also a game for high agility and teamwork. Jumping rope is a must for summer. Allow your children go skating and roller-riding, but with protection.

Outdoor Crafts

bring out the artist in your kids with some outdoor craft ideas. Find nature-related crafts using wood, rocks, and other nature supplies. Another craft idea involves buying a craft project like sunlight catchers. You can find many craft project kits sold in bundles online.

Outdoor Crafts

Outdoor Crafts

Hiking Trip

If your family enjoys the outdoors and enjoys staying active, take a hike. In every city, there are safe trails to follow if there are no parks nearby. During a hike, you and your children will get the chance to enjoy nature, pick flowers and learn about some new species. A hiking trip can be both fun and educational.

Neighborhood Game Night

Make one evening a week or every other week game night for the neighborhood. Pick a different sports each time like football, softball or soccer. Designate a different ref each week and change it up by doing guys against girls, or parents against kids.

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