Chance to Enjoy Thrilling Rock Climbing in Thailand

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Chance to Enjoy Thrilling Rock Climbing in Thailand

Thailand rock climbing can be enjoyed in many areas round the country and there are many rock climbing companies in Thailand proclaiming to offer you the chance to enjoy this thrilling activity.

Rock climbing in Thailand consists typically of sport climbing in a few crowded areas for example Krabi, Railay, Ton Sai and Phi Phi in Southern Thailand and fewer crowded climbing routes in Chiang Mai within the North. However, there are endless possibilities to expand climbing holidays in other areas of Thailand.

Rock Climbing Vacation in Krabi Island

The Krabi coastline, that is Thailand’s leading tourist destination, is among Southeast Asia’s most spectacular spots. It’s given away all its brilliance as seen in the soaring cliffs down to the dive areas offshore. When you arrive in Krabi, you will surely stumble on an attractive private island beach. The on the run ones can undertake some rock climbing, sailing, kayaking, diving and snorkeling or simply splurge for a two-day island hopping. Krabi includes a whole lot to present for an extraordinary and memorable vacation experience.

Krabi is generally deemed to be one of the top places in this world for climbing and the rough rock face of Railay Beach in Krabi may be the site for this exciting outdoor sport. With a large number of absolute limestone crag faces, ledges, and caverns, there’s really something there that may test professionals and beginners alike; and when you can take your attention from the rock’s face, you will see that climbing in Krabi has the bonus of the greatest views too.

Rock climbing in Thailand is emerge as intimidating towards the innocent ones but in fact, it’s incredibly secure, because climbers are trained on security rules first before they’re going. Approximately 600 courses happen to be graded and mapped in Railay and Ton Sai Beach, in which the towering cliffs meet up with the ocean, to create strikingly picturesque climbs. These are:

Koh Yao Noi

This island can be reached in about an hour or so from Railay by fast boat ride. Maybe great deal of thought an island is confusing, because it is in fact a somewhat huge, with plenty of villages, infrastructures, and ship terminals. The truly excellent aspect of it is that there are hardly any visitors because there are not much upright beaches. In result, the area has a country ambience. You need to address the people who fashioned el born area for doing the best job ever. These climbing gods have constructed entrance ladders, in addition to a bamboo belay stand on top of the major ledge. Additionally the containers filled with titanium.

Maui is located between Krabi and Phuket and it has a varied range of accommodations from bungalows to five star resorts. Too being well suited to beginners, there are lots of routes on Koh Yao Noi that will challenge probably the most experienced of climbers. If you want to escape from the crowds of Railay this is your best option. There are also many opportunities for deepwater solo climbs here.


The unbelievable limestone cliffs surrounding Tonsai Beach in Krabi offer a few of the world’s most fabulous sports climbing. Tonsai’s awe-inspiring sights, the changing examples of climbing complexity, and the infinite quantity of crags make this a climbing aim that you’ll certainly not forget. The force originating from these cliffs, together with the exclusive mixture of locals and visitors form a affectionate neighbourhood believe that makes people return to Tonsai every year.

Rock Climbing Holiday in Krabi Island

Rock Climbing Holiday in Krabi Island

Koh Phi Phi Climbing

The climbing opportunities on Phi Phi Island aren’t too known or published as those at Railay that make for less crowded routes along with a more laid back vibe among the cragsmen who congregate here. As the scenery isn’t as stunning as Railay it will come very close and even though the 2004 Tsunami wiped out the majority of the routes, conscientious climbers have worked tirelessly to revive them back to their former glory.
A few of the main climbs on this island include Drinking Wall containing routes from grade 5 to 7c and it is thankfully in the shade from around 11am every day, helping to minimise the risk of heatstroke and sunburn. One other good crag is the Ton Sai (to not be confused with Tonsai at Krabi) Tower climbing area.

Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai Rock Climbing

Not every one of Thailand’s climbing routes are located by the sea and also the country’s second city is home to numerous great places rock climbers could possibly get their fix. The Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Club ought to be your first port of call when planning a climbing visit to the area and they even have their very own indoor climbing wall for those wanting to hone their skills within the comfort of an indoor training facility. The largest selection of climbs in Chiang Mai are available at the Crazy Horse Buttress that has over 16 crags and about 200 routes to keep climbers occupied.

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  1. Good post and very informative. Used to do my first climbing at railay and that i appreciate this is good info for travellers who might be considering climbing for the first time.

    I must say that the instructors for Kings climbing, took safety seriously and also the bolts on the beginnner routes I attempted were sound. All climbing is “potentially” dangerous and that i agree all possible safety measures should be taken.

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