Mt.Fuji Climbing Tips and Equipment

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Mt.Fuji Climbing Tips and Equipment

Mount Fuji not only has the distinction to be Japan's tallest mountain, but also the world's most climbed mountain as well as an enduring icon of Japan itself.

Japan is incorporated in the grip of Fuji Fever. Since this iconic symbol was named a global Heritage Site, there is no escaping the mountain: Fuji art, Fuji snacks, Fuji towels, Fuji socks, Fuji character goods — Fuji is everywhere. And individuals are setting out to climb the height like never before.

Mt.Fuji Climbing Tips

Climbing gear: Essentials include hiking shoes with higher traction and ankle support, a water-proof parka or poncho, layer-able clothing, gloves, hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Checkout Mount Fuji Climbing Tours

  • Proper Shoes– The rocky, steep terrain in certain sections and the potential of sudden, strong gusts of wind are reasons to bring proper hiking shoes which protect your ankles.
  • Proper Clothes– Bring proper protection against low temperatures and powerful winds. It can be below zero in the summit, and strong winds often allow it to be even colder. Bring rain gear, as climate conditions can change very quickly on the mountain. Gloves are suggested both against the coldness and for hiking the steep, rocky passages.
  • Flashlight– Should you hike at night, a flash light is extremely recommended in any season and essential outside the peak season, when the trail isn’t illuminated by other hikers. Many people choose head lamps, because they leave both of your hands free.

    Mt.Fuji Climbing Equipment

    Mt.Fuji Climbing Equipment

  • Food– Particularly around the trails where there are few mountain huts, you should bring enough water and food. Mountain huts offer various meals and drinks. Note, however, that prices increase using the altitude. Also, be prepared to carry home all of your garbage as there are no garbage bins.

For night hikes, bring a flashlight. Better still, wear a head lamp, as numerous Mount Fuji hikers do. It keeps both of your hands free when maneuvering among large rocks.

Mountain Safety Tips:

The Climbing Safety Guidance Center is situated on the Sixth Station along with a First Aid Center is located in the Seventh Station, but the latter is just open from July 19 to Aug 22. Be familiar with falling rocks and never wander in the trail. It is not recommended to climb the mountain within the off-season due to bad weather, lack of emergency support, and limited bus service.

Climbing Checklist:

Sturdy Climbing Shoes – Comfortable and waterproof
Rain Jacket & Pants – Water and resistant to the wind with hood, Gore-Tex preferred
Light Pack-Sack – having a capacity of at least 25L
Socks & First layer – wool or synthetics, wearing cotton isn’t recommended
Warm Clothes – Comfortable pants & Sweater – lightweight fleece
Gloves – to maintain your hands warm at nights and supply protection
Light – Head lamp or perhaps a hand flashlight – for climbing at nighttime
Trekking Poles – Provide good stability and reduces force on the knees
High Energy Snacks – Power-Bars, Chocolate, Nuts
Water Body liter bottle to start, more can be purchased later
Pack-Sack Cover – most backpacks aren’t waterproof
Hat – otherwise a bandana or towel – provides defense against sun and heat
Sunglasses & Sunscreen – FP factor 30++
¥100 Coins- Restroom facilities in the 5th station onward require ¥200
Cash – Charge cards are not taken on the mountain
Camera – to capture probably the most spectacular sunrise you will ever witness

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