Enjoy Cycling in Hilly Tuscany While Doing Sightseeing

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Enjoy Cycling in Hilly Tuscany While Doing Sightseeing

Tuscany is a unique combination of historic and beautiful place in Italy spread across 23000 kms in area.


Tuscany is a unique combination of historic and beautiful place in Italy spread across 23000 kms in area. You will get what you want to see and experience here ranging from uncanny search of fine art, wild exploration of countryside, walking across beautifully carved out mountain paths, cycling Tuscany on rolling hills, vacate around unending sea coast and shores of welcoming islands to satisfying your taste buds with Italian gourmet ,cuisine and tasty wine. Beautiful Italian culture and language will be another feather in your cap if you like to get mesmerized by the diversity and delicacy of civilizations and history.

Cycling in Tuscany

Tuscany with its classic scenery is a beautiful region to explore by bicycle. The landscape is filled with centuries-old olive- and vineyards, fields and woods combined with scenic villages and towns that harbor many cultural treasures. The roads are good but there are rather steep hills to conquer, since many of these beautiful villages are located on hill tops.

The best months for a cycling in hilly Tuscany are May, June and September. The summer months are also good but these months are often very, very busy. Temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius are not an exception in these summer months. It is advisable to leave early to avoid the heat and enjoy a lengthy siesta in the afternoon. Keep in mind that when visiting in May or June you might still encounter rainy weather.

Art and architecture

Tuscany is a home to extraordinary paintings and sculptors to frescoes and architectural masterpieces.

Our cycling visit started from Florence which is gifted with some of the most beautiful artistic treasures of the world along with museums, palaces and churches.

Cathedral is a church of Santa Maria del Fiore built in 13th century BC and stand tall over the city. The exterior is covered in decorative pink, white and green marble and the interior is dome shaped and is made without scaffolding.

Uffizi gallery is in the heart of Florence and hosts works of art of some the greatest artists like Michelengello, Boticelli to name a few. This is one of the most famous museums of the world.

Memorable cities

Valdorcia and Chianti cities cycling visit will be long remembered by us for the lovely landscapes with beautiful sunflowers and tasty wines. The region boasts of plenty of cities and villages where we experienced the virgin beauty of Mother Nature with  round hills and panoramic curving roads and witnessed the process of making some of the world`s best wines across the wineries scattered here. If you love nature and wine you cannot afford to miss this spot of hilly Tuscany in  Italy.

Pisa is famous for its leaning tower which is among eight wonders of the world and a historic monument. We were awe stricken while cycling in hilly Tuscany by the sheer sight of this monument as it seems impossible to imagine a tower which is about to fall but still available to be visited. This is a university town which was once the centre of power for the Knight of Knights.

Sam Gimignano, Siena and Monteriggioni are the medival cities known for their artistic walls and High towers. They boast of some the world`s greatest heritage monuments.

San Gimignano

Campsite Boschetto Di Piemma near San Gimignano is an excellent starting point for a round cycling trip throughout hilly Tuscany. The campsite is a thirty minute walk or a ten minute bike ride away from the marvelous town of San Gimignano, famous for its “Manhattan” towers. Daytime is busy but at the night streets calm down and you can have a silent walk across the street and have a drink in one of the cafes..


Volterra is a barren volcanic hilly Tuscany area and is grey and very different from the rest of the green Tuscany. This you can discover while cycling in hilly Tuscany.When in Volterra do not forget to pay a visit to the interesting Museo Guarnacci, dedicated to the Etruscan history of the town.

Other attractions

Maremma, Lago di Bolsena, Siena, Chianti, Florence,Lucca and Pusa are some of the attractions of Tuscany which you cannot afford to miss.

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