Great Cycling Equipment and Tips for Summer

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Great Cycling Equipment and Tips for Summer

Cycling is a very pleasant activity indeed, however it can quickly turn into a torture should you don’t pay attention to certain details. For instance, the rider in the picture below just lacks the fundamental equipment.

We are currently in the summer. What this means is a very different set of cycling gear. For casual cyclists this is actually the perfect time to don the t-shirt and shorts or skirt look. For individuals who like their cycling gear then it’s the growing season when the cycling jerseys and vests enter into their own.

Summer Cycling Equipment

Summer Cycling Equipment

Choosing the appropriate devices are essential for a successful cycling tour or training. For this reason he have prepared a number of articles in which we will contained in detail cycling gear, the significance of each of its items, and the way to choose what suits you best. Today starting with basic cycling gear for warm weather: shirt, bibs, gloves and helmet.

Summer clothing

Even though the temptation to immediately wear less than possible in summer is difficult to resist for some people (damning your eyes of everyone around them along the way), cycling clothing still must be adaptable and versatile to supply valuable layering, wind and water proofing and keep you cool and take away moisture from your body. Surprise downfall or drop in air temperature at altitude means you need to take extra layers along with you. Highly breathable materials could keep you comfortable and make cycling a far more pleasant experience during the summertime.

  • Cycling short pants: Pedaling entirely comfort is absolutely vital for those cyclists, whether they are professionals or otherwise. This also depends on the position around the bike, which should be a suitable one, but the cycling bibs you’re wearing take part in the most important part here as they are the most significant piece of your gear. For people who don’t want to don the Tour de France style throughout but like taking advantage of the padded comfort then padded cycling undershorts make the perfect idea. This DHB undershort is a prime example and it is available at a good price of £16.99.The benefit is that on longer rides you are feeling more comfortable. Thanks to the material, breathability and padding within the design of the short.
  • Cycling first layer and jersey: Keeping you warm within the cold, and cool and dry within the heat, a quality, wicking first layer is one of the best investments you can include to your cycling wardrobe and could be used all year round. Cycle clothes are all about layering, and this still applies in summer, simply with less layers. As the weather gets warm, wear a good quality cycling jersey on your base layer, and if it’s really hot, only a short sleeve jersey is going to do.Whilst this is really heading into Tour de France territory, particularly if you choose a team design, you can observe the advantage of the short sleeve summer jersey on long rides. It keeps you cooler for extended, fits more tightly for your skin and often has storage pockets to help keep those bits you need fast access to.
  • Summer cycling cap: Light summer cycling caps are great at keeping the sweat away. After all, helmets do appear to be a place for much heat concentration. Typically, rapid flap at the front characterises a cycling cap. Although, any hat so long as it fits comfortably under your helmet and isn’t made from too thick material is going to be fine.
  • Summer cycling socks: Another bit of important summer cycling gear may be the feet. This important contact point between your rider and the bicycle could possibly get very uncomfortable as the temperatures rise. Thin summer socks keep your sweat at bay and allow just as much air as possible to reach feet.
  • Gloves: You’ll still need a pair of gloves for comfort and control. Summer-weight gloves and short fingered cycling mitts are ideal for warmer weather, but for now, long finger, water resistant cycling gloves will complete the transition from heavy-duty winter gloves. Thinner, summer versions using the fingerless design mean you can still take advantage of the padding but not have to endure sweaty hands.

Cycling sunglasses

Keeping the sun’s rays, mud, rain and insects from your eyes, cycling sunglasses alllow for more than just a pretty face. You will find all types available, with interchangeable lenses or shifting tints to enhance performance, or just downright attractive ones.

By providing extra padding to lessen vibration and bumps in the handlebars, gloves are an important for many cyclists. The long fingered versions will probably soon get pretty hot.

Important item of Summer Cycling gear

You might be looking at all these and thinking: There’s not a way I can invest in all that stuff. You actually don’t have to. As I said in the beginning of the post, professional cycling gear isn’t for everybody and you can just as easily pedal inside your typical shorts and t-shirt. A good thing to do, is think about which areas of your body are most uncomfortable. For instance if you are getting painful wrists then some padded summer cycling gloves may be the solution. This should help you get just the cycling gear you really need.

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