Northern Tuscany A Perfect Destination For Cycling Holidays

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Northern Tuscany A Perfect Destination For Cycling Holidays

Cycling in Northern Tuscany is a constant delight. In the perfectly preserved villages and towns, you find people living almost like their ancestors did previously, complete with festivals and colorful pageants.

Nothern Tuscany offers great riding along with a chance to visit a less-known area of this popular region. You’ll sample magnificent medieval towns and Renaissance basilicas, the spa town of Montecatini and Vinci, the birthplace of the inventor by the name of Leonard.

The Appenines would be the little known mountains that span from North to South across the spine of Italy. Because of their position in height, the Appenines really are a combination of ecological habitats, from Tundra right through to Alpine meadows and Mediterranean grassland. There’s a wealth of wild flowers and immense forests of beech and chestnut, that go over the lower slopes.

Cycling through this beautifully varied landscape having a group of like minded women, over high passes with stunning panoramic views down again into the valleys, stopping at a different town or village every night to relax, unwind and enjoy some Tuscan food.

Make time to visit the small Tuscan hilltop villages and towns, walk more than one of the worlds longest pedestrian suspension bridges and find out about its history. For keen cyclists this is actually the ideal way to discover Northern Tuscany, experience Italian culture and food and meet compatible people.

Highlights Northern Tuscany Cycling

Lucca, among the loveliest towns of Italy. Renowned for its villas and essential olive oil from the surrounding countryside, Lucca also charms visitors inside the city walls. The walls are an attraction-intact for 4.5 kilometers. Walking or biking along their wide top is the greatest introduction to the town.

Warm up the cycling legs having a spin to Pisa and its famous leaning tower. The tower belongs to a larger complex of buildings built of stunning white marble. On the longer ride explore the brand new cycling paths along the Serchio River, with views from the Apennines in the background.

Cycling in Northern Tuscany

Cycling in Northern Tuscany

Montecatini Terme. Cycle past the famous villas of Lucca, ensuring to choose at least one for a visit. Villa Grabou, Villa Mansi and Villa di Camigliano are some of the most striking with beautiful grounds to demonstrate the Renaissance building design. Stick to the Strada di Vino on the way to Montecatini, a spa town having a very different ambiance

Head south for that town of Vinci, birthplace of Leonardo. The village is tiny, but several small museums provide you with insight into the life and mind of the amazing man. The landscape around Vinci can also be delightful, with small villages encompassed by vines and olive groves, all the more special as it is not on the standard tourist track.

Pedal in to the rolling countryside to Colle di Val d’Elsa, a medieval gem renowned for glass-blowing. The cycling leads you gradually from the Arno River Valley, and in to the hills of the Chianti wine region. You’ll come along a series of river valleys. Stop for any side trip up to that old town of Certaldo.

The famous vineyards and wineries of Chianti. Cycle to Castellina in Chianti after which onto Radda in Chianti. The towns are lovely, however the best is the landscape: vineyards, forests and contours of poplars or pine cresting the hillsides.

Cycling is a much-loved sport in Tuscany. It has been recently announced that the 2013 World Road Championships is going to be held in the region from September 21-29, 2013. Remember in your diaries!

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  1. My cycle touring continues to be confined to Virginia – Tuscany could be wonderful…This sounds like this type of beautiful, once in a lifetime kind of trip! Amazing that you simply only ran into bad weather to have an hour or so on one day. Appears like everything fell nicely into position. Loved the description of the car rally viewers cheering yourself on as you rode along the same route.

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