The Top 7 Fantastic Cycling Holidays in Europe

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The Top 7 Fantastic Cycling Holidays in Europe

Cycling is one of the greatest ways to travel, whether it’s commuting to work or exploring a new region.

Cycling holidays are a great way to explore a European country or region. You can really experience the local way of life and culture on your bike as you ride through different landscapes. And moreover, cycling is a healthy way of traveling. We have a choice of cycle tours throughout Europe with exciting itineraries and routes from Portugal to Norway and most countries in between. Let us know your own Fantastic cycling holidays in Europe below.

Best Cycling Tours in Europe:

Flanders, Belgium

Flanders, as one of the flattest regions on earth, is incredibly well-suited for bicycle travel. There is a dense network of signposted cycling routes; routes that leads past old abbeys and castles, through beautiful countryside and past medieval towns and cities.

Peloponnese, Greece

Exploring the inner landscapes of Greece on a bicycle may seem like a very alternative holiday, yet this region has been voted as one of the Cycling destinations in Europe. This is a place of rolling hills and rather rough roads, but the presence of the ancient Greek city of Sparta and the very first Olympic venue makes it worthwhile.


Romania is one of the undiscovered cycling gems in Europe and the type of place we like to promote. We have found a place to go cycling that is off the beaten track, intriguing and allows you to explore famous places such as Transylvania, Bucharest and Sibiu.

Provence, France

Arguably the most varied region on this list, the Provence in southern France is where you can climb the legendary Mont Ventoux, ride through vast lavender fields, enjoy wonderful Mediterranean weather, see hilltop towns and have a glass of some of the best wine in the world.

Lofoten Islands, Norway

Even though the Lofoten Islands are a collection of rugged and mountain islands, the cycling route that links them is surprisingly gentle. It basically follows the coastline and runs through some of the world’s most stunning coastal villages.


Holland is flat, the government encourages cycling and its paths are world famous so much so that they influence cycling policy around the world. You can choose to ride around the dams, windmills or bulbfields and see these classic Dutch sights from your saddle!

Cycling holidays in Sweden

Cycling holidays in Sweden


Sweden is cool. That is all! The country is exporting Scandinavian ‘cool’ throughout Europe via novels and TV dramas, so the landscape is becoming more familar than before. However, cycling holidays in Sweden are an ideal way to escape the rush of it all and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the landscape on your bike.

Danube, Germany to Hungary

The Danube Cycle Path is arguably the very best long-distance cycling route in Europe (there are many though). It starts near its spring in Germany and ends at the Black Sea, taking in Austria, Slovakia and Hungary on the way. The section from Germany to Hungary is most developed and runs through the heart of Vienna and Budapest. Count on about two weeks to complete this marvelous ride.

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