6 Best Places to Go Hiking Trail in Maryland

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6 Best Places to Go Hiking Trail in Maryland

Maryland hiking offers miles of trails to explore, from flat, short footpaths to some of the most challenging routes on the East Coast.

The best places to hike in Maryland using the unique hiking trail popularity algorithm that accounts for the average rating and number of reviews for a trail, the number of people who have hiked or wish they could hike at that hiking trail. Sign up for a free account and vote for your favorite hiking trails by submitting a trail review or creating a hiking in Maryland.

Appalachian hiking Trail

The Appalachian hiking Trail is a footpath across 2,168 miles of Appalachian Mountain ridgelines from Georgia to Maine. Almost 40 miles of the A.T., as it is affectionately known, cross Maryland hiking, most of which follow the ridgeline of South Mountain.In 1921, Benton MacKaye, a Harvard-educated forester and self-styled philosopher, came up with a revolutionary idea: a linear park, extending from Georgia to Maine. Thousands of volunteers and many legislators helped make it happen. With the help of the Civilian Conservation Corps, the trail became a reality by 1937.

Union Mills Hike

Union Mills! A simple Side of Strenuous 6 Miles in Carroll County! Have a rugged hike through rural northern Carroll County, slogging over creeks, through steep switchbacks, and pleasant rolling fields. The trail, that is dirt and crushed rock, plunges right into a grove of pines.

Billy Goat Hike Trail

The Billy Goat Trail is one of the most well known hikes in the Metro D.C. area, and for good reason. With nearly a mile of fun rock-hopping, and spectacular views of the Potomac River along the way, this circuit is loads of fun with plenty to see. We have the circuit rated as only a for difficulty, but be prepared to jump from rock to rock.

Maryland Hiking Trail

Maryland Hiking Trail

Rocks State Park

Rocks State Park has 855 acres of dense forests and massive boulders rising above Deer Creek. The King and Queen Seat, once a ceremonial gathering place of the Susquehannock Indians, is a natural 190 foot rock outcrop. This cliff, reached by scenic trails, affords a view of the rolling hills and farmland of Harford County. Also preserved on park property are many structural remains of the Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad, which once helped the farms and quarries of Northern Harford county to prosper. See the park map for more information.

Green Ridge State Forest

Green Ridge has 50 plus miles of hiking trails available for day hikes or multi-day backpacking experiences. Trail guides including maps are available for purchase at the Green Ridge Headquarters. This trail system varies in terrain and can be very rugged. There are stream crossings or steep climbs on most trails. Visitors are encouraged to wear blaze orange during hunting seasons. Remember, you are responsible for having the necessary skills, knowledge and equipment for a safe and environmentally friendly visit.

Loch Raven Reservoir

Loch Raven Reservoir, including information about hiking trails, plants, animals, and more. Please check back often, as we are always updating the site with new trails, pictures, and information. If you have a picture or experience to share, please feel free to contact us.Loch Raven Reservoir is one of the most pristine outdoor locations in the Baltimore metropolitan area, with resplendent plants and wildlife and beautiful water vistas, where visitors can enjoy miles of hiking trails that wind their way along the banks of the reservoir.

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