Top 8 Most Amazing Hiking Spots in the United States

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Top 8 Most Amazing Hiking Spots in the United States

Adventure tourism is becoming popular day by day. And of these the most common form is hiking. So, Here is a list of the top 8 popular Hiking Spots in USA. But these are not all and everybody has their personal favorites.

The great outdoors in the United States has a lot to offer. Geography can change drastically in a matter of a few miles, offering seascapes, deserts, plains, and mountain ridges. There’s no better time to explore some of these regions than in the summer and fall, when hiking trails become more accessible and the weather becomes perfect for lacing up your boots for just a few miles or for a week-long excursion.

Just as the country’s landscape varies, so does its hiking trails. Some of the most renowned hiking locations are easy enough for beginners, and others are best left for when you’ve earned your hiking stripes. No matter what, there’s something for everyone. There are hiking trails to be found in almost every corner of the state, but there are some that rise above the rest. If you’re ready to see the great outdoors, we’ve compiled a list of must-hike trails recommended by the experts and hikers who know them best. If you’re staying out overnight, most trails and national parks require permits, so make sure you’ve completed the necessary steps to prepare for whatever length of trail you’re undertaking. Here are 8 of the best hiking spots in the United States has to offer.

Zion National Park – Utah

With a wide variety of options and a multitude of landscapes, Zion National Park in Utah is a hiker’s and climber’s paradise. The park is very well organized, there’s a shuttle system that passes many of the trailheads, and there’s plenty of backpacking options for those looking for a more serious overnight adventure. If you really want to experience Zion, it’s important to explore both the depths of the canyon and the various cliffs that dot the park. Be sure to do some homework and planning before coming to Zion, particularly if you’re an inexperienced hiker.

Breakneck Ridge Trail – New York

The Breakneck Ridge Trail, located in New York, is another one of the best hiking trails in America. This hiking trail is an approximate 9.6 miles in length and forms a loop. While this is perhaps one of the toughest hiking trails in America, it’s still one of the best as it offers hikers a view of the Hudson River, peaceful mixed forests to explore and beautiful wildflowers to gaze upon. Be sure to wear a sturdy pair of boots for this trail as it can be a bit strenuous to hike.

Glacier Gorge – Colorado

Located in Colorado, this hiking trail is an approximate 9.6 miles in length and takes the hiker up to 10,600 feet. Cascading waterfalls, serene lakes and beautiful wildflowers and wildlife await the hiker on the Glacier Gorge trail.

Denali National Park – Alaska

Denali is hands down one of the most unique hiking areas in the United States. The most appealing aspect for hikers visiting this Alaskan wonderland is that there are no marked trails once you are out of the entrance area (which does have several marked trails). But if you really want to get into the backcountry and wilderness, go beyond the entrance for some amazing opportunities to experience nature in its most raw form.

Glacier National Park – Montana

Located in northern Montana and bordering Alberta and British Columbia, Glacier National Park offers hikers some amazing natural settings. Rugged mountains, a multitude of lakes, gorgeous meadows, and immaculate forests greet visitors to Glacier NP. Planning a getaway to Glacier offers hikers the chance to get away from the crowds that gather at other more popular national parks.

Antelope Canyon, Page, Arizona

The tough news is that you can’t see Upper Antelope Canyon without a paid guide for at least $30 per person, and then you’re only in the canyon for about an hour, and you only walk about a half mile. The good news is you’ve seen a billion photos of the trippy, wavy sandstone walls in the canyon, and they never look the same twice, depending on what time of day and what time of year you’re there. The even better news is that this is one of the only places on earth that looks better through your point-and-shoot camera than it does when you’re standing in it, even if you’re the most amateur of photographers.

Little Grand Canyon Trail – Illinois

Best Hiking Spots in the United States

Best Hiking Spots in the United States

The Little Grand Canyon Trail, located in Illinois, is anything but little. This best hiking trail in America will lead you past 300-foot cliffs, alongside the Mississippi River valley and through a maze of wildflowers and tall hardwoods. The Little Grand Canyon Trail loops around for greater ease of travel, spans a total of 3.6 miles and is perfect for hikers of all ages to enjoy.

Indian Head Mountain Loop – New York

Located in New York, the 7.5 mile Indian Head Mountain Loop trail is another one of the best hiking trails in America. This hiking trail will lead you up 500 foot cliffs and through patches of gorgeous wildflowers. Keep your eyes open on this trail as porcupines, deer and other wildlife greatly abound in this area.

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