Most Extraordinary Scuba Diving Centers in Puerto Rico

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Most Extraordinary Scuba Diving Centers in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico scuba diving Centers has long been the paradise for those who are in love with scuba diving.

Puerto Rico is a diver’s paradise. The average ocean temperature in Puerto Rico is 81ºF and underwater visibility averages 60 to 75 feet. Offshore visibility is frequently known to top 100 – 150 feet or more. Enjoy undisturbed coral formations, a variety of reef fish, eels, dolphins, turtles and sharks. Numerous shore dive locations make it easy for non-divers to enjoy the trip as well while snorkeling off the boat or straight from shore. If the waves are up in Rincon, head down to the South Coast of the island to dive The Wall at La Parguera one of the best dive sites in Puerto Rico.

Some of the main scuba diving attractions are represented by La Parguera, which is a spectacular coastal town that waits for its visitors with the splendid offshore beauties, Mona, Culebra and Vieques, which form a wonderful constellation of stellar sites for scuba divers and, of course, the Desecheo elusive islands.

Scuba Diving Centers in Puerto Rico

Paradise Scuba Diving center

Paradise Scuba & Snorkeling Center in La Parguera Puerto Rico is home to all of your scuba diving Puerto Rico needs. La Parguera is located on the Southwest corner of the island and is home to the best wall diving in Puerto Rico. ‘The Wall’ at La Parguera is a 1,500 foot shelf of reef located just 20 minutes off shore of the small fishing village of La Parguera. This pristine stretch of reef is one of the top dive sites in Puerto Rico and despite the fantastic reputation as some of the best diving in Puerto Rico, has remained relatively untouched. Paradise Scuba Center is one of the only dive shops in Puerto Rico that does daily trips to The Wall.

Escondido Scuba Diving Center

Puerto Escondido DIve Center is located in Cepe, small fishing village nestled in the Henri Pitter National Park in the central coast of Venezuela. We are about 50 meters from the beach and 20 minutes east of Choroní by boat. The people of Cepe share their life between the beach and the mountain. This small dive center was created as a hobby for family and friends, then became a landmark nationwide. We are the only dive center on the beach in Aragua State.

Desecheo Scuba Diving center

Desecheo has been described as a candy land for those who love scuba diving center. The sponges, the lettuce corals and the sea fans are the ones that create the kaleidoscope of colors that best describes Desecheo. The amazing colors represent its main attractions, so if you want to delight your eye with something absolutely amazing, you have to go to Desecheo.

Scuba Diving Centers in Puerto Rico

Scuba Diving Centers in Puerto Rico

                                                                                                    Culebra Diving center

This diving area is located off the east coast of Puerto Rico. The waters are clear with excellent visibility. Diving varying in depth between 30 and 100 feet with wreck and cavern diving available. Excellent for fishing and photography, this excursion includes transportation, light lunch, refreshments, diving equipment and divemaster or instructor.

La Parguera center

La Parguera near Lajas is an exciting dive location on the Southwest corner of Puerto Rico. The most famous site at La Parguera is the stunning Parguera Wall. The Wall is formed as the continental shelf drops over 1500 feet into the ocean depths. Along The Wall black coral is abundant, as well as colorful reef fish and large deep-sea fish. Sightings of dolphins, manatee, blue marlin, tuna, eels and turtles are common. Parguera also offers a number of other off-shore dive sites including.

Mona Island Diving center

Mona Island is located approximately 30 miles off the west coast of Puerto Rico. Waters are crystal clear with visibility of 100 feet plus. All types of diving varying in depth between 30 and 130+ feet deep with drift, wall, cavern and night diving available. Excellent for videos, photography or fish watching. Excursion includes two-tank dives, transportation, light lunch, refreshments, diving equipment and divemaster or instructor.

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