Mountain Biking in India and Amazing Destinations for Biking

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Mountain Biking in India and Amazing Destinations for Biking

Mountain biking is an adventurous sport which offers great excitement to the players and the spectators of the sport.


Mountain biking also offers bikers the chance to visit virgin & wild locations on top of the world where less people had dared to go. Mountain biking is an experience to be preserved in the treasury of memory for always. The mountains offer the bikers a chance to unravel the mystery and the heights and laps naturally built across them which creates a pleasure and fun ride.

Mountain Biking in India

Mountain Biking in India

Indian subcontinent boasts of high mountain ranges with green valleys. Snow packed high peaks with deodar trees all over them can instill the desire of adventure sport in anybody. Mountain biking in India is a unique experience which bikers wish to take again and again. The geography of this land is such that it supports the adventure tourism of mountain biking to fullest. But one must only perform this biking when he is a strong person with tough mental attitude otherwise he can be in danger of collapsing there and then only in the mid-way. Hence one should take utmost care before going for this ride.

The moment when the bikers start the biking on the heavenly Indian mountains they get obsessive about the magnificent picturesque views of the mountain ranges. The bikers need to perfect the art of mountain biking to indulge in the most scintillating experience. Biking in India is a superb experience for individuals who love to explore the less visited and unbeaten paths.

Biking in the Himalayas

Himalayas are the crown of the world with some of the world’s most famous and highest snow laden picturesque peaks in their lap. The scenery is very beautiful and the ranges in the Himalayas offer the unequalled tracks for the adventure lovers. The biggest attraction is of flying down tricky terrains, but when you want to choose the terrain region ensure that you are skilled enough to ride there.

Mountain trips are less costly because they involve camping or stay in fairly off beaten path accommodations. In general, mountain biking trips concentrate on those who are born to become wild.

Mountain Biking Ladakh

Ladakh is the least populated parts of India and is situated on the border of Tibet and translating literally as ‘land of high passes’. It is situated at a level of over 3000 metres above sea level. There are less people out there and hence due to this people are attracted to this wild with natural hilly tracks built on them to perform the mountain biking.

Though the challenge is tough and not to be underestimated but the serious and concentrated biker should not let it pass. A lot of the area is covered with slopes, and by travelling across any significant stretch of Ladakh you will easily cover the same distance comparable to the height of Everest!

So far as sight-seeing goes, there are many old Buddhist monasteries on view, in addition to the stunning vistas afforded by this type of high standpoint. Starting at the Tibet border, you can observe right into this mystical and unique country, and travelling back firmly into Indian Territory you can observe right over a number of the world-famous Kashmir region.

Mountain Biking in Garhwal:

The Garhwal is one of the sacred and the most serene area that is most frequently visited in the Himalayas. The Garhwal Himalayas have always attracted the mountaineers all over the world to try and scale the mighty peaks in this region.

For any mountain bike enthusiast, this can be a dream destination, announcing to offer you dirt trails through thick forest, untrustworthy mountain roads, and all the magnificent and picturesque natural beauty.

The balanced exercise of mountain biking in Garhwal can also be important as good balance helps the bikers to climb the biggest and sharp edges of the mountains. During the Garhwal Himalaya Mountain biking trails numerous surprises can invariably catch the one who’s unaware.

Mountain Biking in Himachal:

The most approachable method to appreciate the scenic attractions of the Himachal Pradesh and to indulge in a number of the famous adventure sports of Himachal Pradesh is mountain biking in Himachal. The bikers will go through the remote valleys of Lahaul & Spiti, while taking the adventurous connection with its kind. Enjoy the real thrill and excitement of mountain biking in Himalayas during these remote valleys.

Mountain Biking in Sikkim:

Sikkim endorses the fun loaded adventure of mountain biking which surely offers the exciting biking trails to the adventure enthusiasts and lovers. The magnificent 0great thing about metros in Sikkim, the varied ranges of flora and fauna beauty that may be surely experienced on the long peaceful journey on the bike in the huge terrains of Sikkim. For more information related Mountain Biking in India.

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