Hiking Mount Rainier National Park

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Hiking Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier National Park will be the a lot of well-known park inside the state. It has great places to discover. The Mountain is often a well-known challenge for individuals wishing to scale the peak. The park also has 240 miles of trails as well as is really a super spot to go to.Established in 1899. 235,625 acres (97% is designated Wilderness). Contains Mount Rainier (14,410′), an active volcano encased in over 35 square miles of snow as well as ice.

The park contains outstanding examples of old growth forests as well as sub alpine meadows.

Mount Rainier National Park presents exceptional opportunities for scenic drives, hiking, as well as mountain climbing. A lot of roads are open from late May possibly to early October–all present beautiful views as well as access to many different hiking trails as well as other web sites.

A lot of campgrounds, fantastic drives via the region as well as lots of locations to remain the night. You’ll be able to remain at the Lodges within the park or simply outside in 1 of the entrance towns.

It’s going to be crowded upon the weekends, so be ready.

Entering from the Southwest Nisqually entrance, it’s an incredible drive as much as Paradise.

You are going to pass Sunshine Point(camping,picnic) after which Kautz Creek Trailhead. Quite good trail up towards Mount Ararat(6010′) as well as Indian Henrys Hunting Ground(Views are wonderful).

As you continue up the Principal road you may reach Longmire(lodging, museum, Info Center as well as dining). There’s a brief Trail of the Shadows at the same time as Rampart Ridge trailhead(very good trail). Following Longmire you drive on to Cougar Rock campground. Continue greater as much as Christine Falls as well as on as much as Paradise. Paradise will be the principal visitors location along with several brief trails by means of meadows correct at the base of the Mountain.(Visitor center, lodging, dining)

Past Paradise you are going to locate the road continue by way of the park towards Sunrise within the Northeast section of the park. Past forest, meadows, lakes, as well as streams. Box Canyon is often a good hike.

You pass Cougar Falls as well as head south about Backbone Ridge, then back north by way of the Stevens Canyon Entrance. Grove of the Patriarchs trail is really a excellent hike by means of several old growth forest. Heading north the road goes past the Shriner Peak Lookout trailhead. As much as Cayuse pass as well as down to the White River Entrance. White River has camping as well as several excellent trails to discover. In the event you continue on to the Sunrise visitor center you’ll come across several outstanding views as well as really some trails to sample.

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