Some Ideas on How to Do Telemark Skiing

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Some Ideas on How to Do Telemark Skiing

Skiing is one of the most interesting and exciting sport which provides the skiers constant exhilaration and memorable moments. Skiing involves the use of skis which are attached to the boots of the skier. The skier slides on the snow with the help of these skis. He does this by balancing himself or herself skilfully.

Skiing is a hobby for millions of people around the world. A lot of passionate skiers have also taken this up as a professional sport taking part in various skiing competitions all around the world. The excitement of skiing is unmatched and has to be experienced to be believed.

The telemark turn is one of the skiing techniques. This technique was made popular by Sondre Norheim and is also referred to as the “free heel skiing”. Skiing using this technique is called telemark skiing. Similar to the cross country skiing, the skis are connected by the ski binding only to the toes of the skier’s boots. While performing the telemark turn, the skier’s heel is kept flat on the outer surface of the ski. The skier keeps his heel raised and his knees flexed to pull the inside ski beneath his body.

Skis are positioned parallel to each other and the body weight is mostly on the outer ski. This again depends on the condition of the snow.

Norheim was the one who popularized the telemark skiing technique which he displayed with the help of his fluid movements and turns in a ski jumping competition in the year 1868.

Telemark skiing technique is named after the region of Norway called Telemark. Telemark skiing practice was revived in the 1970s in the United States. Revival of this technique also brought about the revival of traditional ski clothing. In spite of its growing popularity telemark skiing is still considered by many to be a minority sport.

Skis used in telemark skiing are similar to the ones used in alpine skiing. Skis in general have become shorter and wider as compared to the longer skis of those days. Even though the telemark technique actually needs skis modified to suit its technique the need for this modification is not prominent due to the advancement in the boot and binding technologies.

Skis used for telemark skiing are still especially available in a lot of shops though. These are shorter and much lighter as compared to the alpine skis.

The duckbill at the front of a telemark shoe interfaces the binding with the boots. During the telemark turn, the skier uses the same turn as in the parallel turn. The main difference in the telemark turn is to turn the ski which is outside and trailing the ski which is on the inside.

Skier has to edge the outer ski with a flat heel during a turn and lift the which is on the inside ski to adjust his stance. Skiers who are experienced make sure their torsos are positioned in a vertical manner. This enables them to balance in such a way that they do not turn too much or too far. This makes sure they have greater control and maneuverability.

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