Top 9 Must See Highlights Attractions in Antarctica

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Top 9 Must See Highlights Attractions in Antarctica

Antarctica is not an easy place to get to, but increasing numbers of people visit Antarctica every year. Almost all go as a part of an organized expeditionary cruise, frequently guided by experts who are a mixture of seasoned seafarers, and ice or wildlife experts.

People are attracted to Antarctica for its pure environments and natural qualities such as tall standing glaciers and animal life. The primary reason why people use Antarctica for tourism is because of its diversity and its isolation provides tourists with a special connection to the natural and hardly touched environment. Many people who visit the continent wants to closely observe the wildlife of the region and at the same time experience the vast solitude that it offers. Guided tours have been offered by some of the biggest travel agencies and tourists operators. Among the activities that tourists may enjoy are camping, diving, kayaking and mountaineering, not to mention the various shipboard activities as provided by the cruise. The level of excitement is raised a notch once tourists land on the continent due to the remoteness, inaccessibility and severe climate that is purely Antarctica. Here are some of the Best Exciting Attractions in Antarctica that you may look into for reference of the amazing attractions that you may see and explore.

Aurora Australis

A mesmerizing and dynamic display of light, the Aurora Australis is an amazing phenomenon that will surely take your breath away. It is the result of the solar particles striking the earth’s magnetic field.

Port Lockery Museum

If you stop by Port Lockery make sure to send yourself a cool postcard stamped from Antarctica. The Port Lockery museum used to be the British Base but is now a full time post office. It is a cute little structure from which you can send yourself mail stamped with Antarctica’s stamp!

Helicopter Ride

It is a breathtaking view to get an aerial view of Antarctica and its magnificent landscape. Using a helicopter is probably the best way to travel around the island and witness the Emperor penguin colonies or even fly amongst albatross.

Deception Island

The caldera of an active volcano, Deception Island is a popular tourist destination due to its several colonies of chinstrap penguins, not to mention the possibility of making a warm bath by digging into the sands of the beach. Before the eruption, the island previously held a whaling station.

Observation Hill

McMurdo Station there lays Observation Hill. It is not that much of a trek (roughly 30-40 minutes) but the view from the top is stunning. There is a beautiful view of the Ross Ice Shelf and views of Mt. Erebus; the perfect spot for quite reflection.

Canada Glacier

Odds are you’ve never seen anything this big before. It’s a dense piece of ice that floats on its own weight and is formed by the accumulation of snow. This majestic glacier will have you taking out your camera and taking dozens of pictures to show your friends when you get back home. It’s amazing how big glaciers like the Canada Glacier can get, and you know it won’t always be the same size forever.

Transantarctic Mountain

Transantarctic Mountain comprises a mountain range that extends across the continent from Cape Adare in northern Victoria Land to Coats Land. It is estimated as one of the world’s largest reserves where fossilized remains of primitive freshwater amphibian and reptiles were found.

Blue Ice

Best Tourist Attractions in Antarctica

Best Tourist Attractions in Antarctica

The Blue Ice is mesmerizing in Antarctica. Of course it is only the result of ice freezing over the water but the blue is so beautiful that you just want to reach out and touch it. A picture won’t do it justice. You have to travel to Antarctica and see the ice for yourself.

Antarctic Ocean

It’s a wide cold ocean that you can only appreciate on a boat. There are so many animals to see and so may pictures to take that you’ll run out of film before you even get to the shore. It’s a big, big ocean out there and odds are you won’t be able to explore every part. You’ll see glaciers as tall as buildings and icebergs floating right past you, and you know you’ll never forget your time in Antarctica.

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