Cave Diving in Tulum, Mexico

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Cave Diving in Tulum, Mexico

Visit the Tulum, has been providing diving in Tulum reefs, cenote diving, snorkeling trips and diving courses.

Mexico is home to some of the most thrilling, most exquisitely decorated and longest cave systems in the world. In mexico, Tulum is the finest destination for cave diving in mexico. Tulum Cenotes caves are among the world’s finest diving locations. Bright white beaches and laid-back visitors make Tulum, a small windswept town most known for its Mayan ruins, the best jumping-off point for the massive network of underground caves dotting the Yucatán. A Cenote is a natural sinkhole formed from collapsed limestone revealing water beneath the ground.

The special thing about these Cenotes in Mexico is they are not just a regular hole in the ground. Their history proves to be quite spooky. Acuatic Tulum Cave Diving based in Tulum Qunitana Roo, Mexico has experienced guides who know the caves and systems of the caves of the Yucatan Peninsula which have excellent year round visibility. The more technically advanced cave diving courses cover equipment configuration, decompression problem solving, jumps, circuits, traverses and surveying. Cavern divers need an advanced certification in open water diving or the equivalent and after completion can then dive the Cenotes of the Yucatan peninsula, cavern diving is an extension of recreational diving. Cave diving courses are more advanced than cavern diver and include the Introductory Cave Diver, Apprentice to Cave, and Full Cave Diver Level and specialty Cave Diver Level which provides continuing education and experience for a fully trained cave diver under supervision of a qualified cave diving instructor.

Cave Diving in Tulum

Cave Diving in Tulum

Cave Diving Training

Parallel to the world of recreational diving, and interest in diving in extreme environments, like cave diving, is growing. This more technically advanced diving is not for everyone. But if you obtain a high level of performance and sufficient proficiency in the water, cave diving could be for you. If you commit to apply the procedures and techniques learned in available cave diving courses, and apply the principles of Conservation and Safety, you may qualify to discover this new and unique world.

Cav Diving Centers in Tulum, Mexico

Gran Cenote

This cenote is visually stunning. Full of large white stalagmites and stalactites in all directions and small gaps to swim through. Good place to use some cave diving kicking techniques – Frog kick or modified flutter kick or some such.

Tulum Dive Shop

Tulum Dive Shop is Dive Shop Mexico sister´s dive center. Dive Shop Mexico is located in Playa del Carmen and has been guiding and teaching scuba for 10 years. Besides cavern diving, Dive Shop Tulum also offers ocean reef scuba diving, for those who wish to discover and contemplate the magical submarine universe plenty of marine life in the caribbean reefs. There are dive sites for all level of experience in Tulum. Dive Shop Tulum, scuba center and diving school offers PADI scuba diving courses and certifications, Padi licence is valid worldwide and it never expires.

Cenote Angelita

This is a unique cenote to dive. Angelita drops 60m straight down from the forest floor and the water does not look particularly clear (or for that matter inviting) from the surface. In Angelita a layer of hydrogen sulfide sits at 30m – which completely obscures your vision as you slowly descending through and you will definitely need a torch on the other side.

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