Grand canyon whitewater river rafting tours

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Grand canyon whitewater river rafting tours

Grand Canyon whitewater vacations combine thrilling world-class whitewater rafting with time for exploration within the Canyon.

Endless in scenic wonder, rich in Native American history and loaded with fun and adventure, Western River Expeditions’ Grand Canyon rafting tours are a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Rafting vacations in the Grand Canyon, considered to be the adventure trip of a lifetime, are so popular that most commercial trips are sold out an entire year in advance. A river rafting adventure through the Grand Canyon is something that must be experienced to truly appreciate. Many of our guests over the years claim their trip down the Grand Canyon changed their lives. Others who have traveled the world insist their trip through the Grand Canyon was the best thing they have ever done. Begin to explore the Grand Canyon walls over the white water rapids of the Colorado River. Hike up to Travertine Falls, a natural waterfall, with your experienced guide. Hear about the history and culture of the Hualapai people. Look for local wildlife while enjoying lunch along the banks of the river.

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White river rafting

Whitewater rafting through the Grand Canyon offers a distinctive view of one of the most popular and breathtaking natural wonders of the world. The Grand Canyon radiates both excitement and serenity. Without a doubt, the Grand Canyon is one of the most incredible geological wonderlands on earth. Colorado River rafting gives you a glorious perspective of this natural wonder. Grand Canyon whitewater vacations combine thrilling world-class whitewater rafting with time for exploration within the Canyon. Side hikes from the river lead you up crystal clear creeks to discover waterfalls, venture through hidden canyons and uncover evidence of ancient inhabitants concealed from most Grand Canyon visitors.

Enjoy views of soaring canyon walls, historic Indian ruins, wildlife, astonishing side canyon hikes and the world’s most famous white water. At Arizona River Runners we have always been passionate about sharing the unique environment of the Grand Canyon with our guests and preserving it for future generations of adventurers and families to experience. We pride ourselves on having extremely knowledgeable, capable and personable guides for all of our Arizona rafting vacations. Every bend in the river brings you the chance to experience something new with the adrenaline pumping rush of world class rapids or the chance to float lazily and take in the incredible scenery. Our dedicated and enthusiastic guides share their knowledge, experience and love of the Canyon, bringing you Grand Canyon rafting trip to life in a way you’ll never forget.

Arizona River Runners guides and trip hosts handle all of the details throughout the journey, so you are free to simply enjoy the exhilaration of Grand Canyon rafting and take in the beauty of the awe -inspiring natural surroundings.Exploring the Grand Canyon by river is an experience unlike any other. Discover hidden waterfalls and paradisiacal side canyons – areas of Grand Canyon National Park that are accessible only by river. Listen to the sound of the mighty Colorado River as you lie down under a blanket of innumerable stars each night after your Grand Canyon rafting experience. Watch the morning sun cast its warm glow through towering canyon walls. Discover the rush of excitement from legendary Colorado River whitewater. Escape completely on a worry-free vacation with no schedules and no stress – where time stands still.

The desert beauty found along the Colorado River in Grand Canyon and Cataract Canyon are unmatched. The rapids along the Colorado River are some of the biggest, most exciting rapids in the world! In one of America’s most scenic wilderness areas lies the Main Fork of the Salmon River, also known as the “River of No Return.” The Salmon River flows through the continent’s second deepest gorge surrounded by majestic pine trees, clean sandy beaches, and plenty of exciting whitewater.

Some of the great things about choosing Colorado River & Trail Expeditions is our great gear, food, and rafts. We provide all of your camping gear including clean sleeping bags, cots, foam pads, tents, and ground tarps. Our delicious and healthy meals include plenty of fresh vegetables, hormone free pork and beef, natural free range chicken and wild fish. In addition we serve delicious deserts and lots of snacks. Our river fleet consists of our 37-foot Motorized rafts, 18-foot Oar Rafts, 16-foot people powered paddle rafts, and a couple of fiberglass dories.

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