Famous parks and gardens in the world

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Famous parks and gardens in the world

Explore some popular and most visited theme parks, amusement parks, urban parks, national parks, green gardens of the world where you can spent some memorable moments of your life.

Theme parks, amusement parks, urban parks, national parks, green gardens, and national park, wildlife safari parks are the recreational, refreshing and entertaining spots in the world. An urban park, city park, municipal park or public park are all synonyms for a park located within a city to offer recreation and green space to residents and visitors of the city. Urban parks typically include playgrounds, gardens, hiking, running and biking trails, public fitness equipment, sports fields and courts, picnic facilities and more. Explore the following parks and gardens, are the best places for your vacations and leiusre time from around the world:

Gardens and parks of London

Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew: 121 hectares (300 acres) housing more than 30,000 types of plant, Kew Gardens has a 250-year history and is a World Heritage site.
Kensington Palace Gardens: A variety of garden landscapes, including the 19th-century Italian Gardens.
Hampton Court Palace Gardens: Devised by Henry VIII as a magnificent display of opulence with more than 24 hectares (60 acres) of beautiful gardens.
Eltham Palace: Seven hectares (19 acres) of original medieval gardens with Art Deco elements.
Syon House and Gardens: 16 hectares (40 acres) of garden landscaped by the renowned garden innovator Capability Brown, with a spectacular “Great Conservatory.”

Central Park in new york city

Central park

Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea, japan

Both Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea, are best theme or amusement park in tokyo, japan. Tokyo DisneySea is Japan’s second gate to Tokyo Disneyland, with lands and attractions based on various ports of call, both real and imagined. This guide to Tokyo DisneySea attractions contains short reviews and numerical scores for every ride and show in the park. If you’re planning a trip to Tokyo Disney Resort, this is a great place to start when determining what to do and when to do it. The guide will give you a rough idea of an itinerary, which is very important at Tokyo DisneySea, as lines can be very long.

Central Park – NY, usa

Central Park, New York, United States – Located at the center of Manhattan in New York City, this famous urban park was opened in 1857. Central Park is the most visited urban park in the United States with 35 million visitors each year. It spans over 800 acre with many beautiful features like Belvedere Castle, the Central Park Reservoir, Bethesda Fountain and many more.

Jardin du Luxembourg

The 25-hectare park is a prized family attraction. Kids come from across the city for its pony rides, ice-cream stands, puppet shows, pedal karts, sandpits, metal swingboats and merry-go-round.

Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, Florida

No list of amusement parks would be complete without the happiest place on earth, Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Transport yourself back to your childhood with a trip to Space Mountain, or say hello to one of your favorite Disney characters.

Hyde Park, London, England

A large city park in central London, and most famous for its Speakers’ Corner, this urban park is a beautiful green lung in the center of the busy city and a great place to pass several relaxed hours.

Green Animals Topiary Garden

Purchased in 1872 by Thomas E. Brayton as a summer estate, and currently maintained by The Preservation Society of Newport County in Portsmouth, RI, Green Animals Topiary Garden is one of the United States’ most unique sculpture gardens. Giant bears, camels, and giraffes, hand-trimmed from English boxwood and California privet, line pathways adorned with fruit trees, vegetable and herb gardens overlooking Narragansett Bay. Gardener Joseph Carreiro began creating the topiaries for the estate in 1912, and was later joined by his son-in-law George Mendonca. Each sculpture often takes years, or even decades to form and maintain, creating an environment of living sculpture that transforms with the seasons.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Singapore

A small 1.64 square kilometer (400 acre) nature reserve near the centre of Singapore, located on the slopes of Singapore’s highest hill at a height of 163 metres. The park is just 12 km from the Singapore’s central business district but once you’re in it, you forget all about the busy city and enjoy this beautiful small patch of rainforest. Despite its small size, it is considered one of the most productive pieces of nature in the country

Universal’s Islands of Adventure, Florida

Although most people associate Universal’s Islands of Adventure with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the park also has a number of roller coasters, 3-D rides and nearby restaurants and nightlife. Don’t forget to try the wizarding non-alcoholic beverage, butterbeer!

Brooklyn Botanic Garden, NY, USA

Originally a marshy wasteland, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden has been transformed into one of New York City’s most beautiful parks. The Wisconsin Iceberg that shaped Long Island, Manhattan, and the Bronx millions of years ago gave this land its unique knob-and-kettle terrain of small ponds and hills by carving depressions in the soil. If you’re brave enough to venture off the island of Manhattan, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a wonderful treat; the ponds are full of fish and turtles, the fountain in front of the conservatory has giant goldfish, and rabbits wander through some of the gardens. This large park exhibits numerous plant species from all over the world, almost all of which are neatly labeled with scientific and common names. There are a lot of meandering paths with maps and signposts at various points; pick up your own map at the visitor’s center to make navigating easier.

Toronto Sculpture Garden, Canada

Opened in 1981 in downtown Toronto, the Toronto Sculpture Garden is home to a regular rotating collection of outdoor sculpture. Located across the street from St. James Cathedral, this sculpture garden has provided many emerging and established artists with the opportunity to work outdoors. Toronto-based artists Susan Schelle and Yvonne Singer have both had works displayed at the garden, and with temporary exhibitions changing regularly, this sculpture garden always has something new and original to offer visitors.

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