Plan Your Visit to Grand Canyon National Park

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Plan Your Visit to Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon is definitely an awesome place. Its overwhelming size and it is intricate and colorful landscape allow it to be without question one of the seven marvels from the natural world.

The Grand Canyon is a seasonal wonder offering a good amount of activities for all ages and interests.The Grand Canyon is among the world’s most spectacular landscapes. Its pine and fir forests, painted deserts, sandstone canyons, mesas and plateaus, volcanic and geologic features, the Colorado River, perennial streams, and waterfalls breathtakingly combine to create one of Earth’s greatest landmarks. The only person of the Seven Natural Wonders around the globe to be located in North America, greater than 4,000,000 people go to the canyon each year, making it probably the most visited national park in the United States.

Things to do in Grand Canyon National Park

Camping can be obtained at the park and the two main campgrounds in the North and South Rims of the Grand Canyon require fees as well as the park entrance fee. You are able to reserve these campsites with the National Recreation Reservation Service. Along with these sites, camping is allowed within the canyon with a permit. A primitive campsite, Tuweep, is located on the far gulf of the North Rim and doesn’t require a fee to camp. Categories of 7-11 need a reservation for the group site here and also the other sites are first come first served.

Mule trips can be found at both rims. The South Rim from the Grand Canyon is generally booked annually in advance so you must plan in advance if you would like to book a mule trip there. Mule trips in the Grand Canyon North Rim are often available on a daily basis and can be booked with the Grand Canyon Lodge or Grand Canyon Trail Rides. The cost of a mule trip starts at $30 per person for any one hour trip. There are no overnight mule trips in the North Rim. South Rim trips could be booked through Xanterra Parks and Resorts.

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park

Hiking in the Grand Canyon can be extremely taxing, particularly in summer months, due to the exposure to the sun and rain. Even experienced hikers are in risk if they are not prepared. You will find multiple options when it comes to hiking in the Grand Canyon. Hikes could be short, guided, day trips, over-night, or higher multiple nights. Hikers likely to stay overnight in the canyon should have a permit. Permits require fees as well as the park entrance fee.

River trips in the Grand Canyon range from eventually commercial trips to private trips that last nearly 30 days. Private trips require a Noncommercial River Permit and also the number of trips launched are restricted.

A National Park entry fee of $25 per vehicle ($12 for cyclists and pedestrians) applies seven days in both locations. Tours and overnight accommodations, including Grand Canyon lodges and campgrounds, often fill up, so visitors should make reservations months ahead of time.

When you stay at the Canyon Plaza Resort Grand Canyon, located only one mile south of the entrance towards the Grand Canyon, you can enjoy all of the wonderful amenities of our resort hotel but still be close to all the adventure from the Grand Canyon. Choose one from the following tours listed below and we’ll be happy to help you, your family or group plan and set-up all of the arrangements for the tour.

You might have seen a zillion photos from the canyon, and it will still help make your jaw drop to see it personally. Millions of years of geologic history are laid bare through the Colorado River, the colors are breathtaking and shift using the angle of the sun, and also the hiking or white-water rafting experience is second-to-none.President Theodore Roosevelt preserved the Grand Canyon like a national monument in 1908, and it was designated a national park 11 years later.If you wish to see the more remote North Rim, visit between late May and early October, before heavy snows close the roads. Many people stick to the more easily accessible South Rim, plus they don’t regret it.

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