Tuscany – A Beautiful Region of Landscape Design Gardens

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Tuscany – A Beautiful Region of Landscape Design Gardens

Tuscan landscapes often combine the elegant feel of Italian landscape design garden from the Renaissance period with the peasantry gardens and rustic accessories of the enchanting farms of Tuscany.

In terms of design, Italian renaissance gardens are the best in Europe and, arguably, the best residential gardens in the world. For centuries the landscape of Tuscany, Italy, has exerted a powerful hold on the imaginations of Italian city dwellers and foreign visitors with its human scale, and the merging of vineyards and olive groves into gardens and then into the villas themselves. With the revival of Classical culture from the fourteenth century, this landscape has been incorporated architecturally into the villas and gardens that grew in the environs of the cities of Florence and Siena, and later the villas created from castles, fortified abbeys and towers throughout the province.

Tuscany the Region of Landscapes

Beautiful landscapes of tuscany

Tuscan landscapes

In the world of modern landscaping, Tuscany is a region in central Italy known for its beautiful natural landscapes. Lush foliage, olive and citrus trees, and an overarching simplistic aesthetic combine to form unique gardens perfect for relaxation. Many homeowners and DIY landscapers seek to re-create the Tuscan garden in other parts of the world. Though most regions may not be as mild or as nurturing to delicate flora as central Italy, landscapers can still create wonderful approximations of the Tuscan garden by following a few key principles.

Tuscan Landscape Design Gardens

Castello di Brolio

The stone Brolio Castle with a pentagonal plan became a noble residence after the baron Bettino Ricasoli commissioned architect Marchetti to redesign the castle in the style of the Gothic Revival (inspired by British precedents) in 1835. The Brolio Garden has a sixteenth century renaissance section with box parterres and a nineteenth century romantic/gardenesque section, laid out by the botanical enthusiast.

La Foce: A Garden and Landscape in Tuscany

The gardens and estate of La Foce constitute one of the most important and best kept early twentieth-century gardens in Italy. Amid 3,500 acres of farmland in the countryside near Pienza, with sweeping views of the Tuscan landscape, La Foce was the childhood dream garden of the late writer Marchesa Iris Origo. Passionate about the order and symmetry of Florentine gardens, Origo and her husband, Antonio, purchased the dilapidated villa in 1924, soliciting the help of English architect and family friend Cecil Pinsent to reawaken the natural magic of the property.


Tuscan landscape garden

Tuscan landscape garden

eyron Villa Garden

A composition of villa, garden, park, woods and olive groves with a wide view of Florence to the south and Castel di Poggio to the east. The garden has parterres and five terraces framed by woodland and descending the hillside. It was made by Angelo Peyron, after 1914, and his son Paolo Peyron.

Villa Cetinale

A restored and well-tended seventeenth century garden on a dramatic site. The Chigi family villa was designed by Carol Fontana in the seventeenth century and the garden was restored by Lord Lampton in the twentieth century. He also made an English flower garden below the villa. Steps ascend a hill into a sacred wood with statues of hermits.

Outdoor Living with Tuscan Landscape Design Gardens

More and more homeowners are opting for a Tuscan landscape design for Old World charm that blends the elegance of their fine home with the natural beauty of simple gardens. Your outdoor area is much more than the space that surrounds your home; it is an extension of your home. The landscaping and décor of your garden defines the style, the atmosphere, and the appearance of your outdoor living space. Equal importance should be given when choosing your Tuscan plant material. Creating structure using trees and shrubs is key when designing a Tuscan landscape design. After that, soften with ground covers and flowers are in order.

Tuscany Landscape Tour

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