Beautiful Green Canyon Pangandaran, Indonesia

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Beautiful Green Canyon Pangandaran, Indonesia

Green Canyon, yes, make no mistake it’s not America’s Grand Canyon, but it's Pangandaran’s Green Canyon on the southern coast of West Java.

Pangandaran district that’s located in the district of Ciamis isn’t in doubt his fame like a tourist destination. Coupled with the recognition Green Canyon or river Cukang Taneuh with beautiful cliffs and clear green water. However it was not limited to that, the Pangandaran ciamis also offers other tourist destinations that are not less beautiful. karas including stone beach with watersport facilities, working out ground for beginners surfing and beach stone shark has interesting history.

Green Canyon Pangandaran

Natural conditions in Pangandaran very natural, if you wish to enjoy the Green Canyon Pangandaran, you need to come in the dry season. Once the water in the river dries Cijulang clear, you can take pictures round the river, but remember to bring a waterproof camera so the camera is not damaged when subjected to water splashes. Since the rainy season, water in the rivers and muddy-colored water within the river is likely to plug, therefore rain season once the place is often closed towards the public.

Location: Grand Canyon Pangandaran

Green Canyon attractions offers a beautiful view of the calm waters. Found in the district of Ciamis, approximately within 31 KM of Pangandaran Beach tourist sites. Attraction within the Village area Kertayasa, District Cijulang. Actually, Green Canyon possess the original name “Cukang Taneuh” because within the River Cijulang stand a natural bridge approximately 3 m wide that is made from the ground, which was a liaison between the batukaras village and Kertayasa village.

However, between the 1990s, there was a tourist from France was very captivated by the wall and the green tendrils that stretched across the river bank. Travelers will also be fascinated by the serenity of river water is apparent and turquoise colored. He ended up being called the area as the Green Canyon was inspired through the famous natural attractions Grand Canyon in Colorado, USA.

To achieve Green Canyon is not difficult. From Jakarta, you are able to drive to Bandung for further direction results in the southeast toward Ciamis. To achieve this tourist area isn’t difficult because the signpost clearly visible and simply. You just need to follow the flow road to Pangandaran. From Pangandaran, you can continue the journey towards the south, then turn left into Green Canyon. Traverse up to the venue, you will be invited along rivers which are downstream from the river Cijulang, where Green Canyon’s located.

Activity in the Green Canyon Pangandaran

Green Canyon Cave

Green Canyon Cave

Doing a large amount of activity in the Green Canyon Pangandaran is an extremely interesting and fun, but if you have not familiar with water sports, you need to ask the trainer around Green Canyon Pangandaran.

River Cijulang

The aim is tunnel-like cave which is underneath the land bridge, known as Green Canyon Cave. To achieve the cave, you must make use of a boat down the river Cijulang referred to as motorized. The boat was just able to be boarded by 5 passengers. Price rent a ship or motorized Rp 75.000, – per boat. Time required to travel that starts in the pier to the caves Ciseureuh approximately Half an hour.

On the side of the river flow Cijulang you may enjoy climbing the hill is overgrown with lush green trees and rocks that decorate it. The trip won’t be boring because of the beautiful scenery and relaxed experiencing the river flow. Naik ketinting also can create its very own uniqueness, especially for kids who love water.

When almost there, the road will be narrowed so that the boat needed to take turns to enter this path. There’s also a regulator that provides direction for the driver they are driving the boat for an orderly.Close to the mouth of the cave, ketinting not be able to deliver you and your entourage since the path can not be traversed.

Green Canyon Cave

Beautiful views await you after you have off the boat. You can enjoy a good side cave with stalactite and stalagmite see who had been still dripping water. Water continuously issued within the cliff so that this area is known as the eternal rain elapsed areas. You may also swim in the cave using the buoy. You will feel the water was cold and refreshing. More beautiful scenery as you’re watching the waterfall Palatar contained in the Green Canyon Cave. Swimming in cold water while experiencing the high cliffs and see stalactite and stalagmite would have been a special experience that is not forgotten.

Green Canyon or Cukang Taneuh is a beautiful tourist attractions in the area of Pangandaran. But when you intend to visit this place ought to be visited in the dry season as this season, the river water is green Cijulang tosca. Whilst in the rainy season, when high rainfall, river water is going to be brown. Also during the rainy season there might be tidal or river water flow of river water that’s too heavy, so the place was closed towards the public for the safety of tourists.

How to get there ?

Start dari Terminal Kampung Rambutan naik bus PO Budiman AC jurusan Kampung Rambutan – Pangandaran, waktu perjalanan kira-kira 8 jam, tarif IDR 55,000
Dari Terminal Pangandaran ada tiga opsi pilihan menuju Cijulang : naik bus kecil 3/4 (tarif IDR 5,000) atau naik ojek (tarif IDR 10,000) atau bisa juga perahu (tarif IDR 10,000) dengan waktu perjalanan kira-kira 45 menit.
Terminal Cijulang ke GC / Cukang Taneuh (loket ke Green Canyon) cuma ada ojek dengan tarif sekitar IDR 8,000 – 10,000

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