Croatia’s Spectacular Hot Springs Resorts – Relax to Mind and Body

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Croatia’s Spectacular Hot Springs Resorts – Relax to Mind and Body

Croatian hot springs have been noted for centuries since discovered through the ancient Romans who launched the tradition of creating hot baths.

Some spas still feature Roman baths inside the archaeological sites that can be found in the vicinity of spa complexes. Today’s spa centres are fully equipped and professionally staffed, offering to revitalize one’s body and soul by way of various health programs and activities.

Croatian Hot Springs

Croatian Hot Springs

Health tourism: There’s a large number of health spas sited on thermal and mineral springs. Around Zagreb are Tuheljske Toplice, Krapinske Toplice, Stubicke Toplice, Varazdinske Toplice, Ivanic Grad (Naftalan) and Topusko.
In Slavonia there’s Daruvar, Lipik and Bizovac. On the coast you’ll find Vela Luka, Sibenik, Duga Uvala and the Istrian spas.


Enjoy the charm of the Central Europan metroposlis in Croatia’s capital Zagreb. A strong outdoor cafe culture, artistic and cultural activities and nightlife are the many things the city has to offer. Zagreb can also be in very close distance to “Zagorije” where visitors can also enjoy hot springs and beautiful country landscapes.


The city of Daruvar was known as Aquae Balissae once the Romans were setting up their tents in the surrounding fields even though the name has changed, the reason behind the town’s being has not. Daruvar continues to have some of the most inviting hot springs in the area and likewise to the hot springs, offers sites apart from the spas to see. Several ancient monuments still stand as well as their is a rich and historic tradition of grape growing and wine cultivation stretching go back over 2,000 years.
Daruvar can also be something of a unique city for the reason that it is near the Czech border and also the cultures have combined over the centuries in a manner that is not found in much of the remainder of Croatia. Daruvar is a destination worth even the most discerning independent traveler.

Istarske Toplice

Hot Springs Resorts

Hot Springs Resorts

The favourite and popular Croatian hot-springs resort, Istarske Toplice provides travelers accommodations while spending their days in Sveti Stjepan, the mineral spring that many travelers bathe in. The spring is touted because of its therapeutic properties and 1 / 2 of the resort is given over to water and dirt therapy, the other half dedicated to beauty treatments. Istarske Toplice is one of the purest springs in Croatia too, an examination of the water recently says the water has the same degree of purity as an examination carried out 1858.

Many Croatians young and old regularly make use of the country’s numerous spas and medicinal mud baths, that are used to treat both sore muscles and health concerns. Benefits come from both drinking and bathing in the standard water. The traditions of bathing at thermal springs and applying mud towards the body go back to ancient times, when Romans built thermae (hot baths) in Croatia. The nation has 14 mineral and thermal springs, one medicinal oil and 15 medicinal mud centres. Most spas come in Hrvatsko Zagorje in northern Croatia, where you can find many Baroque castles and mansions, and across the Adriatic coast.
Some are sport or entertainment centres. The spas of Topusko, Stubicke Toplice, Tuheljske and Varazdinske Toplice, are better known for their effectiveness in the treatment of various ailments, for example rheumatism, chronic inflammation, arthritis and respiratory problems.

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