Colorado Hot Springs as Recreational Spots

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Colorado Hot Springs as Recreational Spots

As refreshing destinations, mineral Hot Springs in colorado are the best places for health & wellness, recreation, adventure fun, relaxation and pleasure.

Are you looking for a bizarre place that provide you entertainment and happiness to your soul and body? There’s no better reward for muscles tired from a high-altitude workout than a soak in one of Colorado’s soothing hot springs. Try out hikes, and then make a beeline for nearby mineral-rich hot springs perfect for rejuvenation. Capable of healing, of cleansing the spirit and the mind as well as the body. Colorado, presenting an abundance of soothing waters in which to soak, relax and rejuvenate. Rich in mineral content, these waters have been sought out by people for generations for their healing, therapeutic qualities. White man caught on to the healing properties of these geothermal and mineral springs, and came often to soak away physical ailments of the time. Now you can experience the soothing waters of the high mountains as well.

Hot Springs and Mineral Springs, spas and resorts offer an on-site source of natural mineral, thermal or seawater used in hydrotherapy treatments. The resulting benefits are the backbone of “balneotherapy”, defined by the Collins English Dictionary as “the branch of medical science concerned with the therapeutic value of baths, especially those taken with natural mineral waters”. Balneotherapy as a field of study is truly ancient and has been an accepted part of education in medical schools worldwide, particularly in Europe and Asia. The practice has thrived most in regions where ample water sources exist.

Browse our favourite hot spring in colorado that best place for recreation and refreshment:

Colorado Hot Springs: Resorts, Spas and Recreation Centers

Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort

Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort Why it’s a must: This luxurious mountain resort in Nathrop boasts numerous geothermal hot springs, and its proximity to Monarch and Ski Cooper ski resorts makes it an ideal place to unwind after a long day of hitting the slopes.

Cottonwood Hot Springs

Western Colorado hot springs

Cottonwood Hot Springs

Nestled in a canyon between two mountain peaks, where big horn sheep pick their way over the rocks, Cottonwood is a rustic, small-scale Denver hot springs. It’s great for couples, families, and small groups. Their biggest pool still isn’t really big enough for swimming, but you’ll find children splashing around during the day and early evening. After dark, though, no kids are allowed. The Cottonwood motel is simple, with no TVs in the rooms to promote relaxation, and recent renovations mean it’s not quite as rustic as it once was. Their common room is a great gathering place for meals and games, with a small library and a pool table. Like the other Denver hot springs on our list, they offer spa treatments, but they have a small staff, so make sure to book yours in advance.

Old Town Hot Springs

Old Town Hot Springs, one of Colorado’s premier hot springs, is a multi-use complex, open to the public. Old Town Hot Springs is located at 136 Lincoln Avenue (near the corner of 3rd and Lincoln Ave.) in downtown Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The facility is open seven days a week with eight, hot spring-fed pools, two waterslides, (seasonal: winter and summer only), a fitness center, exercise classes, and massage. Steamboat’s Old Town Hot Springs is a must on your visit to Steamboat. The Old Town Hot Springs, your non-profit Heart of the Community, is a 501(c)3 corporation, solely supported by facility revenues and donations.

Pagosa Springs

Pagosa Springs was named by the Utes who called the hot springs “Pagosah,” or “healing waters.” This little town, surrounded on three sides by the San Juan National Forest, is a good place to get away from it all. Explore the mystery of the only mountain home of the Anasazi at nearby Chimney Rock Ruins where these ancient farmers lived some 1,000 years ago. The twin pinnacles were once a scared shrine to the “Ancient Ones”. Later, the unusual formations were a landmark for prospectors, missionaries and conquistadors who settled this rugged country. While clambering among the ruins, keep an eye out for the endangered peregrine falcon which nests here. Enjoy the town’s hot springs, considered to be the hottest in the world. Windsurf, water-ski and sail on Navajo Lake, which extends southward 35 miles into New Mexico.

Hot Sulphur Springs Spa

Hot Sulphur Springs Spa

Hot Sulphur Springs Spa

The Hot sulphur spring are known as one of the nation’s oldest, largest and finest natural hot mineral springs resort and spa. Come visit, relax, and enjoy the sacred waters where the Ute Indians once bathed, healed mind, body, and spirit. Minerals in water include sodium, sulfate, chloride, silica, potassium, calcium, fluoride, magnesium and trace elements of arsenic and lithium, all of which are good for the inside and outside of the body. There are no abrasive minerals or harmful elements in water.

Avalanche Ranch Cabins & Hot Springs

Avalanche Ranch Cabins & Hot Springs Why it’s a must: For a romantic weekend getaway, the rustic log cabins and piping-hot geothermal pools at Avalanche Ranch in Redstone provide the perfect escape. The property boasts two upper pools that range from 103 to 105 degrees, and the big pool stays toasty at an average of 90 degrees. After soaking, retreat to your private cabin and get cozy next to the wood-burning stove.

Dunton Hot Springs

Visit a beautiful, historic corner of Colorado back to life. Just across the mountain from Telluride, Dunton Hot Springs Resort is a romantic ghost town, set in an extraordinary alpine valley. Our resort offers a variety of day and overnight packages, and the entire town can be rented exclusively for corporate retreats, family reunions and weddings. Located just down the river from Dunton Hot Springs, Cresto Ranch is the newest addition to this famed Colorado outpost. Opening 01 June 2013, Cresto Ranch comprises eight luxurious canvas tents located in an alpine clearing in the Colorado Rockies. The intimate resort will include a main lodge – a restored 19th-century farm house – with dining room, guest salon, and wraparound deck highlighting spectacular views of the San Juan Mountains located only 20 feet from the Dolores River.

Ouray Hot Springs Pool and Park

The main feature of this recreation center is the hot springs pool of approximately 750,000 gallons. There are three temperature levels: 1) cool enough for lap swimming; 2) intermediate, good for resting; and 3) hot tub temperature. The shape of the pool is an ellipse. This pool is part of recreation center. The Town of Ouray owns and runs this recreation center. A daily fee must be paid to use the pool and recreation center. There is also a beautiful, 5-acre park with a well maintained lawn south of the pool.

Glenwood Hot Springs

The Ute Indians named these springs Yampah, located at what is today Glenwood Hot Springs, nestled in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Featuring the world’s largest hot spring pool, Glenwood Hot Springs offers a lodge with water recreational amenities, including slides, a fitness center and even miniature golf. The vintage historic sandstone structure on the spot has been renovated to provide guests with a historic experience of the resort. The spa offers a full range of wellness programs including hydrotherapy, organic dining, medicinal herbs and holistic treatments and educational workshops.

Durango Colorado’s hot springs

Durango, Colorado’s hot springs, spa and lodging resort, located five miles north on US Highway 550, near the San Juan National Forest and millions of acres of outdoor recreation. Historic Trimble Hot Springs has been around as long as, and even longer than, Durango! Of all Durango activities available to you, this is a must! The comfortable hot springs lodging option is convenient to all the Southwest USA activities you’re dreaming of. Open to the public year-round, two saunas and naturally heated mineral hot pools are therapeutic and relaxing. The poolside lawn next to the biggest heated, outdoor swimming pool in the area is great for picnics and sunbathing, receptions and reunions, or just reading a good book. Combine soaking with sauna and a large selection of massage and body treatments, and you’re sure to leave rejuvenated and ready to take the world on again.

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