Tourist attractions and places in Tuscany, Itlay

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Tourist attractions and places in Tuscany, Itlay

With its great diversity of landscapes, art towns, medieval villages, museums, and beaches, Italy's Tuscany is the ideal refreshing & holiday destination for any type of traveler.

When visiting a new country for the first time, it’s always useful to know which are its main sights and attractions. Gazing out across the magnificent rolling hills of rural Tuscany, it’s easy to see why this region has become such a popular luxury holiday destination. Tuscany, with its spectacular hill towns and scenery, is one of Italy’s top vacation destinations. Tuscany’s travel attractions include historic cities and art, great wine and food, medieval hill towns, beaches, and beautiful countryside. Whether you choose to stay in an hotel or a luxury villa, it’s the sort of region that lends itself to hiring a car to discover its enchanting countryside and pretty towns and villages overflowing with Renaissance art and architecture.

Tuscany’s Attractions & Places and Things to Do

Explore Florence’s Forte Belvedere

Forte Belvedere is the second largest fortress in Florence city! It began construction in 1590 under the guidance of architect Bernardo Buontalenti by order of the rich and powerful Medici family.

Botanic Garden and Lake

Lucca visitors may not be aware, but the botanic garden of Lucca is a treasure trove of mountain plants, varieties of herbs, water plants, medicinal plants, and greenhouse.

Florence and the Gallery of Uffizi

Palazzo Pfanner Of Lucca

Palazzo Pfanner Of Lucca

With its countless art treasures, from monuments, museums, churches, palaces, artisans’ shops, and much more, Florence should be at the top of your thing to visit in Tuscany.

Wine and tuscany tours

If you think about Tuscany or wine from Italy you might imagine colorful hills and wineries surrounded by cypress trees as far as the eye can see. The owners of these Tuscan wineries are very hospitable and will always welcome you to come in and enjoy some of their Tuscan wines.

Siena and the Palio

Siena is the beautiful medieval town par excellence, with its characteristic red brick color, its amazing views and impressive monuments, squares and events.

Visit The Glorious Palazzo Pfanner Of Lucca

Walking along the scenic city walls of Lucca in Tuscany, you will be greeted with the picturesque sight of Palazzo Pfanner and its perfectly landscaped gardens! Designed for the wealth silk merchant family, the Moricani’s, it was built as a demonstration of their wealth and power within the city.

San Gimignano medieval hill town

The scenographic and peculiar towers of San Gimignano stand out against verdant scenic hills. This is one of the most suggestive hill towns of Tuscany!

Visit Some Fortresses In The Mediavalle Area Of Tuscany

There are many stunning fortress remains and walled towns of the Mediavalle area of Tuscany that are most certainly worth visiting on your next vacation to Lucca province. Stay in a peaceful villa in Lucca where you can relax and unwind after a few days of cultural enrichment.

Most beautiful villages of Tuscany

Following the link you will find a surprising list of the most beautiful, captivating, and picturesque smaller medieval hill villages of Tuscany, together with their location on the map.

The San Michele in Foro and Square

The San Michele in Foro is a majestic 11th-14th century marble Roman Catholic church with an impressive Romanesque façade. At the very top of the façade is a statue of Saint Michael Archangel. The church is located within a square that is found at the very center of Lucca. Aside from the San Michele Church, other medieval structures can be found on the perimeter of the square.

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