Hot & Steamy Spas with Hammams in Marrakech

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Hot & Steamy Spas with Hammams in Marrakech

Traveling to Morocco a visit to hammam is a genuine cultural experience just as real as the souks and medina. Hammam provides an your overal wellness both for the body and the spirit.

Should you visit the hot springs; much more Turkey, you visit the Turkish baths; so when in Morocco, you go to the hammam. Visit a private or hotel spa for any more upscale and costlier version; or go to a public hammam where you’ll find locals. A vacation to the hammam is a bathing experience, so bring a scrubbing mitten/glove, a towel, and additional underwear. You can opt to do-it-yourself and have an assistant. Inside the hammam, it’s hot and steamy – all of the better to open up your pores. You receive doused with warm-hot water, followed by a lathering of black Moroccan soap, along with a scrubbing-down so intense and exhilarating, you’ll leave with new skin.

Hammams and Spas

Morocco’s spa and hammam tradition is long-established over centuries and hotel are increasingly answering visitors’ demands by developing their very own facilities, drawing on existing local skills that have been passed down by generations.

In the end the shopping and sight-seeing, have a well-deserved break. Hammams are traditional spas where individuals escape to relax, cleanse themselves, as well as socialise! They are a little much like Turkish Baths, but instead of being heated by steam, they’re heated by hot water and heated floors. Here, you will probably be massaged, cleansed and exfoliated thoroughly, with natural and aromatic Moroccan soaps and salts.

Although bath-time having a stranger may be a little awkward initially, you will emerge feeling extremely clean, relaxed and rejuvenated. The knowledge is well worth it, and with Hammams scattered round the city, you are bound to stumble across one on a journey to Marrakech. So if you’re not sure what’s likely to take your fancy in this colourful city or else you are totally baffled in regards to what to do in Marrakech, this is definitely worth a day of your time.

Luxury Hammams

Luxury Hammams


It’s a good idea to book an argan oil massage like a follow-up to the hammam. (Argan oil comes from the fruit from the argan tree, which grows only in Morocco. It was once harvested from the droppings from the goats that climb the tree to consume the fruit; thankfully, nowadays it tends to be picked from the tree.) Beforehand, you’ll be asked which essential oils you’d prefer, and invited to sample in the choices on offer: these typically include patchouli, orange, rose, and verbena.

The massage rooms are lit with simply a few candles, and soft music plays. Off comes the robe again, so that as you lie on the massage table and obtain all your muscle tissues slowly reinvigorated, any linked to stress to taking an hour to get away from the medina, or overpaying for any teapot, will fade very quickly away.

Here’s our pick of luxury hammams which are perfect for winding down following a hectic day in the red city:

  • Les Deux Tours – Located in Marrakech Palmeraie, their Hammam and Spa will be to die for!
  • Riad Les Yeux Bleus – An attractive Riad in Marrakech Medina, this is one of the best Hammam and Massages I’ve experienced in Morocco to date!
  • Riad Maison Bleue – An attractive Riad in Fes, their Spa and Hammam have plenty of wonderful treatments on offer
  •  La Sultana Oualidia– Focused on the edge of Oualidia’s stunning Lagoon, their beautiful Hammam and Spa are simply perfect!
  • Tigmi – A very special Maison d’hote inside a lovely Berber Village called Tagadert, just Half an hour from Marrakech, with an excellent Hammam and Spa, plus some of the most alluring views in Morocco!
  • Hammam en Rose – a stylish spa stashed in the medina, offering a “four hand” massage, if the stress knots are too much for just one masseur alone
  • Heritage Spa – very luxurious, having a bewildering range of treatments including three hammam variations and 6 types of massage. Also specialises in face care.
  • Spa MK – a very regarded private hammam in one of Marrakesh’s most exclusive boutique riads. The “Evening Pampering Package” includes hammam, massage along with a five-course tasting menu at Gastro MK.

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