7 Best Wine Destinations in the World 2015

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7 Best Wine Destinations in the World 2015

What the very best wine travel destinations are depends on what you want to do. Every wine lover wants to experience different things. This article will surely help you pick the perfect wine destination.

There’s nothing like a glass of wine to help you relax and forget about those everyday stresses. It’s even better when you can enjoy that glass in a stunning setting. We’ve looked at what the critics say and what regular people want and compiled a list of fantastic wine-producing destinations.

Popular enough that people chose to spend their holidays tasting wines from different parts of the world; some even go so far as to visit these wine growing corners. But picking the right wine growing region can be a rather daunting task; especially since there are so many different types of wines some of which are endemic to a specific region. Well, fret no more, as this article will surely help you pick the perfect location.

Napa Valley, California

Renowned as the best wine region in the U.S., producing massive cabernets and rich chardonnays, Napa has also become a major vacation spot. Luxury resorts, top-class hotels, gourmet restaurants and spas ­are scattered throughout the wineries, and legendary estates like Robert Mondavi and Domaine Chandon welcome visitors with an easy-living California style.

Napa’s not the only top wine region in California, either. Sonoma, within hailing distance of San Francisco, boasts more than 400 estates, including big names like the Francis Ford Coppola Winery. There’s a wide range of activities, from winery home stays to nature hikes and hot air balloon rides. And of course, you can enjoy the sights of San Francisco, one of North America’s great tourist cities.

Duero River Valley, Spain and Portugal

Spain is the third largest wine producing country in the world. It has several very different wine regions and the Duero River region (or Ribera del Duero) is one of them. The Duero river flows from Spain to Portugal, and the area around it is known for its grapes. The area produces both excellent red and white wines and is the home for the famous Vega Sicilia winery. The famous Portuguese Port wine is produced exclusively from grapes from the Duero valley, and many Port wineries can be found in the city of Porto, where the river reaches the ocean. A trip to the Portuguese Duero valley is recommended, either by car or with a cruise through the river itself, starting at Porto

Constantia Valley, South Africa

Constantia is e located at the foot of Constantiaberg mountain and just a few minutes drive from the city of Cape Town. The area is one of the oldest suburbs of Cape Town and is world famous for its wines. Many of the tourists that arrive to Cape Town don’t miss the opportunity to visit the largest wine region in South Africa.

British Columbia, Canada

California wineries get most of the press on the west coast, but wineries from this rowing region north of the border have been winning top prizes at international competitions for years. British Columbia has more than 200 wineries, mostly in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, including well-known names like Mission Hill and the aboriginal-owned NK’Mip Cellars.

There are wineries on Vancouver Island as well, and a visit to any of the province’s wine regions can make for a great combination of good wine tasting and amazing natural beauty. You can stay at a country inn or B&B, and go whale watching or view bald eagles when you’re not sampling the province’s great cabernets and pinot noirs.

Chilean Wine Country, Chile

Chile is geographically long and narrow and located at the western side of the Andes mountain range. The climate of the country is dominated by the Andes to the east and the pacific ocean to the west. The Chilean wine country is divided into several regions which each has a different climate conditions. You can start your road trip from the hot north to the colder south, or the other way around. If you choose to visit Mendoza wine region in Argentina, you should consider crossing to the other side of the Andes and check out the Chilean wines.

Willamette Valley, Oregon, United States

The Willamette valley in the state of Oregon is broad and flat, and surrounded by mountain ranges to the east, west and south. The climate in this fertile valley is cooler than the neighboring California, making this area home to some of the best and most expensive Pinot noir in the world.

Mendoza argentina wine tours

Mendoza argentina wine tours

Mendoza, Argentina

High in the Andes, the lovely city of Mendoza is a hot spot for skiers, mountain trekkers – and wine. In fact, wines from Mendoza, featuring the region’s famous malbec grapes, have been fan favourites in recent years. You can sample them at major wineries like Kaiken, owned by the Chilean Montes company, or a number of smaller, boutique wineries, many of which grow olives and other crops among the vines.

When you’re not touring the wineries, there’s time to enjoy the tree-lined streets, spacious parks and relaxed atmosphere of Mendoza itself. Dine on the downtown pedestrian mall and enjoy one of the region’s famous steaks along with a bottle of the malbec you watched them make that day. Fun fact: since Mendoza is so high in the Andes, most of the usual pests can’t survive, so the vines need little spraying: that means they’re pretty much organic.

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