The Six Best Places for Wine Lovers in 2015

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The Six Best Places for Wine Lovers in 2015

Wine tours are a great way to spend a holiday, you get to go to amazing places, see beautiful landscapes and drink some great wine. Here are top 6 places for wine lovers.

Wine tours are a great way to spend a holiday, you get to go to amazing places, see beautiful landscapes and drink some great wine. Many places offer wine tours but we has chosen to show you the places where you will get that extra little something. An area with world class restaurants, places with hilltops overlooking acres upon acres of vineyards and of course, the best wines tours in the world.

Here Are Top 6 Places for Wine Lovers:

Tuscany, Italy

The heart of Italy, Tuscany, is probably the most stunning region of the bel paese (beautiful country). It’s best explored by driving around the undulating countryside, decked up in various shades of green, as vineyards whiz by. Tuscany is known for its full-bodied reds and the region produces the famous Chianti wine. While there are several varieties and grades available, the Chianti Classico is the finest and has a robust flavour and aroma. Remember to check for the ‘black rooster’ label that certifies authenticity of your bottle of Chianti. But Tuscany is not just about red wine; the Orvetio Classico is an excellent white wine from the region. Most wineries offer tours of vineyards, with free sampling thrown in.

Tasmania, Australia

With numerous vineyards and wineries spread over several routes, you can experience the beautiful scenery and relax in a multitude of pretty gardens, bars, and restaurants with a glass or two. Enjoy locally produced wines straight from the cellar, and also take some time to discover the other plentiful delights of this stunning island.

Napa Valley, California – USA

California produces nearly 90 percent of wine made in the United States and the Napa Valley and Sanoma Valley areas are the heart of this industry. With over 1200 wineries, ranging from large scale to boutique wineries, Napa Valley produces some of the world’s best wines, rivalling any other wine from around the world.

Bordeaux, France

France is a wine enthusiast’s dream, and Bordeaux offers the very best for visitors. Wine has been made in the area for hundreds of years, and you can visit magnificent and decadent old chateaux, stroll through picturesque vineyards, and sample a large selection of locally produced wines at one of the excellent wineries. There are heaps of restaurants and bars too, meaning that the fun just keeps on going!

Napa Valley Wine Country Tours

Napa Valley Wine Country Tours

Central Otago, New Zealand

The world’s southernmost wine producing region is located near the beautiful city of Queenstown in New Zealand’s southern island. The first vines were planted in the 1860’s but the area did not become a commercial planting site until the 1980’s when the people had enough experience and confidence to start small scale commercial plantings. Today there are over 75 active wineries and about 70% of all the planting in the region are Pinot noir.

San Francisco, USA

Northern California is the premium wine-growing region in the United States of America. The valleys around San Francisco are home to more than 400 wineries and the region is informally known as Wine Country. Staying in San Francisco, you can easily access some of the best wine regions – including Napa Valley, Sonoma and Muir Woods. There are several wine tours available, some of which also include wine and cheese pairings. A semi-private boutique tour will include a sumptuous wine breakfast, vineyard tours, tastings of wines, cheese, olive oil and chocolate as well as a gourmet lunch. And as a memoir of the trip, you can create your own personal blend of wine that will be bottled for you to take home.

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