Top 6 Australian Wines: You Should Try For Test

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Top 6 Australian Wines: You Should Try For Test

Wine lovers can treat themselves without spending too much. Choosing a good wine you enjoy the taste of grapefruit.

Australia is an enormous country but it’s area under vine is relatively small in comparison with European countries. There were no native grapes before the British settlers arrived, and conditions for survival for almost any living thing can be challenging to say the least. Virtually all the vineyards are in your cooler South, although Tasmania may perhaps be just too cold to create any great wines. The Australian wine industry is now booming, thanks to it’s abundance of sunshine being tempered by advanced irrigation systems, and the recognition of the need for cooler vineyard sites at altitude to prevent over ripening. Australia seems to produce better wines every year and, if you steer clear of the mass produced factory brands, you will find a variety of styles to suit every taste.

Best Australian Wines:

Best Australian Wines

Best Australian Wines

Lorikeet Brut

This Australian wine is not only cheap but most preferred liquors when it comes to partying. The fruity flavor with appealing smell of cherries makes this a best wine that tastes good.


Riesling is very popular in Australia, with most Aussies preferring to drink this wine during the hot summer months. Australian Rieslings from Adelaide Hills, and Clare and Eden Valleys are known to be some exquisite-tasting, complex white wines. The southern part of the continent is mostly known for its dry Rieslings. This white wine varietal is available from the bone-dry to the sweet variety due to the residual sugar, which is very well-balanced by its high level of acidity. Introduced to the continent in the mid-19th century, Australian wines are mostly bone-dry unlike their German cousins.


Also known as Syrah in France and other parts of the world, this wine is the most popular Australian wine across the globe. It is produced from the grape variety―Shiraz, which also happens to be the most widely planted red wine variety in the country. Australia’s Barossa Valley is known for its rich and fruity (plum) wines, while those from Central and Southern Victoria are known for their more peppery wines. A medium-bodied wine with medium tannin content, this wine is a must-try.


The earlier or old Australian Chardonnays weren’t so popular across the globe, and probably you wouldn’t have expected to see this wine on the list, but it’s true; the new age Chardonnays are definitely in! Unlike their ancestors, the new improved ones aren’t heavily oaked, overripe, or overly buttery. Instead, they are fresher, citrusy, and are produced from grapes that have been harvested earlier. The Chardonnays from Adelaide Hills, Yarra Valley, Margaret River, and Mornington Peninsula stand out the most.

australian chardonnay wine

australian chardonnay wine

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir, as we all know, is a fussy grape that requires the right climatic conditions to grow in. While Burgundy provides the best climate for these grapes to flourish in, Australia has also managed to grow some decent Pinots. The finest Australian Pinot Noirs are known to hail from Mornington Peninsula, Tasmania, and Yarra Valley. This soft tannin red wine is reasonably priced in Australia as compared to the French Pinots.

De Bortoli

De Bortoli Wines is one of the larger privately owned companies in Australia. De Bortoli makes a wide range of wines including the world acclaimed sweet white Noble One. De Bortoli Wines was established in 1928 by Vittorio and Giuseppina De Bortoli and rapidly expanded under the direction of their son, the late Deen De Bortoli. Today the company is in the hands of the third generation. De Bortoli Wines owns three wineries in three diverse wine growing regions: Bilbul near Griffith in the Riverina region of New South Wales, Near Cessnock in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales, and Dixons Creek near Yarra Glen in the Yarra Valley in Victoria. The company has vineyards in the same regions as its wineries, as well as in King Valley in Victoria.

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