How to Make Your Breasts Naturally Beautiful with Exercises

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How to Make Your Breasts Naturally Beautiful with Exercises

Every woman and girl wants big, beautiful and taut breasts. Exercises are the best way to achieve just that without costing anything.

The gorgeous form of the breast is maintained by regular exercises. Women after all desire beautiful and firm breasts isn’t it? However not all have it. Still today, many experts still consider physical exercises to be the perfect way to gain firmness and improve the appearance of the breasts. It’s the cheapest method to increase breast size naturally. Typically the most popular exercise to improve breasts shape is to perform pushups. However this requires complete dedication and sincerely to stick with a specific exercise routine.

Breasts Natural Beautiful with Exercises


Pressing forward exercise is one of the best to get the breasts back in shape. Stand upright against the wall and lean forward with both hands on the wall. Apply as much pressure as possible against the wall as if trying to push it away from you. Do it for ten seconds and relax. Repeat this several times in a session for optimum results

Palms Pressing:

The following exercise for beautiful breasts is as follows: join your palms at chest level and press them hard against each other as if squeezing something very hard between both palms for 3-5 seconds. Repeat 8-10 times.

Elbows Touch:


Another exercise is called the Elbow movement. Stand erect and bend your arms slightly from the elbow. Attempt to bring both elbows close to each other until they can touch each other. Avoid jerky movement, but slowly, stretch the muscles for 10-15 seconds. Repeat 8-10 times.


If you can’t visit a pool, do those exercise while standing up in your own living room to tone up the breasts. The best exercise to improve tone and enhance the breast appearance is swimming. If it’s not easy to visit a pool, then the most convenient thing would be the ‘dry’ breast-stroke.

Posture Exercise:

The easiest method to finish this group of exercises for the bust would be to do a workout which targets your posture. Grab a thick book, place it on your head and walk throughout the house for some minutes like this, attempting to keep it balanced on your crown. This should help you relax the muscles effectively and provide them the appropriate working tone. If you can’t walk like this, then at least try standing still with the book on your head. You may also sit still on a chair or support your body against a wall, but don’t lean on the wall.

Pectoral Press:

Breasts Natural Beautiful with Exercises

This exercise is responsible for building the muscles within the torso. It’ll expand the breast muscle due the contractions in the chest muscles. To get this done, begin by put ting a five pounds weight in each hand. Stand straight and bend the knees slightly and place the feet in line with the hands holding the weights, and shoulders. Keep the abs tight and also the back straight. Now bend your elbows across the right side from the angle from the body. Press your forearms and elbows; move the hands slowly while watching the chest. Start each movement in the muscles of the chest. Press both hands slowly towards the starting position. You have to continue doing this procedure 3-12 times.


This is the standard exercise done mostly by men who wish to be muscular. But for women, this is very effective in getting larger breasts. This can be done by working on the muscles of the chest rather than focusing on the biceps and shoulders. Just lie on your stomach, the body almost parallel to the floor beneath. Bend your elbows and bring the palms of both hands close to the chest on either side. Tighten the abs, and lift the body with your palms and knees. Push your body up until your elbows are straight, all the while taking care not to jerk up violently. Slowly descend until your torso touches the floor and lift up again. Repeat this exercise until you are tired, taking care to slowly increase the number of pushup gradually over a period of time.

Incline Press:

This works by pressing the pectoral fins, but with an inclined board. Support your head, shoulder and upper back on either a board or a comfortable stability exercise ball. Hold some weight in each hand which is appropriate for your weight type. Bend the knees and firmly place the soles of the feet on the floor. Raise the weights from this position as high as possible by straightening the elbows and bring the weights down slowly to your chest level. Repeat this routing several times. This will help in firming up and toning the chest muscles which are chiefly responsible for holding up the breasts. When chest muscles become weak, the result is sagging breasts which is surely not desirable for any women.  If you follow this exercise regime sincerely, a few weeks is all it will take to get your breasts back in shape and to become an object of envy for others.

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