Ovarian Cancer: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

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Ovarian Cancer: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Like all other type of cancers, the treatment of ovarian cancer also depends on diagnostic results and the nature of the cell types.

Ovarian cancer is yet another kind of gynecological cancer that kills about 1, 40,000 women across the globe each year. About 21,000 women in US are diagnosed with this dreadful disease annually and the mortality rate is very high.

Survival rate from ovarian cancer is extremely low of about 46% in the developed nations, and is significantly lower in the underdeveloped countries. Survival rate beyond five years from ovarian cancer is very high of about 93% provided it can be diagnosed at an early stage

Causes Of Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Ovarian Cancer Causes

Ovarian cancer is a very hazardous and deadly, killing more females than any other form of cancer. It is a silent killer. It is quite difficult to identify this cancer in the early stages. The breasts develops sensations or shape alterations only at the later stage of cancer. So the death rate of woman on account of this cancer is extremely high.

First let us understand what ovarian cancer is all about. A sudden improper growth of cells inside the ovaries results in ovarian cancer. This cancer also impacts the pregnancy cycle of a woman. There are three forms of cancer that can be detected in ovaries. They may be epithelial tumors, Germ cell tumors or Stromlo tumors.

Ordinarily a preliminary surgery is performed on the affected ovaries to quantify the extent of the cancerous spread. Tumors marked in this procedure is removed and studied to assess the degree of cancerous growth in the ovaries. Surgery is followed by chemotherapy or radiation therapy to kill the remaining tumors and cancer cells.

By far the most natural alternative therapies used by practitioners are acupuncture, massage therapy, visualization, herbal medicines, meditation, vitamins, special diets, spiritual healing, reflexology, aromatherapy and homeopathy. These alternative remedies aim to ease anxiety, sensations and pain. But there is no proof that these therapies actually heal the cancer.
Apart from these alternative remedies, adopting a diet rich in fiber and low in animal fats is usually a powerful precautionary measure to fight against this cancer.
One who has low levels of selenium faces greater risk of being afflicted with this cancer. Taking in Quercetin protects a person from ovarian cancer. Quercetin possesses properties that protects against this cancer. Ingested oxygen therapy is among the most powerful alternative remedies recommended for ovarian cancer. A lot of complementary therapies along with regular treatment help women to relax, sleep properly, get relief from discomfort and also to manage this disease.

Risk Aspects of Ovarian Cancer

The precise cause of ovarian cancer is not known. Several aspects which have been linked to its development are:
• A faulty genetic element which results in mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes.
• Family history.
• Repeated ovulation.
• More prevalent in postmenopausal women.
• Young girls less prone to the disease.
• White girls appear to succumb more to this cancer than African American girls.
• Prolonged use of fertility drugs, for instance clomiphene citrate.
• Obesity.
• Women on long-term hormone replacement therapy with estrogen alone.
• Pelvic irradiation.

Types of Ovarian Cancer

There are actually distinct forms of ovarian cancers, based upon the cells from which they originate.
Major tumors of the ovary, which originate inside the ovary itself, are of three key varieties:
• Epithelial tumors are those that arise from the surface epithelial cells. These make up practically 90% of all ovarian cancers and are far more prevalent in older women.
• Germ cell tumors arise from cells that generate ova. They occur more often in young girls.
• Sex cord and stromal tumors are those that arise from connective tissue cells.
Secondary tumors in the ovary develop on account of spread of cancer or metastasis from other major body parts. For example cancers in the breast, uterus, stomach, and colon.

Signs and Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Ovarian Cancer Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

In the early stages, the symptoms are vague and typically mimic symptoms of digestive disorders including nausea, indigestion, poor appetite, fullness immediately after a meal, bloating, abdominal distension, and altered bowel habits.
Gynecological troubles may possibly involve abnormal vaginal bleeding, menstrual irregularities, and painful sexual intercourse. Androgen-producing tumors may perhaps cause virilization. A mass or lump can be felt on pelvic examination or perhaps a significant tumor could be felt in the abdomen.
Other symptoms include things like excessive fatigue, unexplained weight-loss, abdominal discomfort or general discomfort, feeling of weight inside the pelvis, urinary complications, rectal discomfort, and back pains.

Treatment of Ovarian Cancer :

Like any other cancer, the treatment of ovarian cancer also depends on diagnostic results as well as the nature of the cells. The physicians start the treatment by studying the stage of the cancer. The treatment given differs from stage to stage in the depending on the advancement of the cancer within the ovaries. The diagnosis of ovarian cancer involves biopsy as this alone may reveal how advanced is the cancerous growth in the ovaries. CT scans or MRIs are also diagnostic methods for ovarian cancer. The treatments for ovarian cancer are surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and follow-up testing.
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